Computer Backup Storages

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There are five types of backup storage equipment each with its own advantages and disadvantages, you should consider. Will briefly describe each type of backup computer storage in this article so you can choose the best option for you. I really learned the hard way over the years about the importance of backing up files. Many times I thought my files were safe, if they really were! Sometimes simply forgot to backup all the files and now has a list of backup files on the computer the most important.

No backups

Even a few years ago it would be absurd that people can use computers without regular backups, but today is a very real and legitimate. With the proliferation of “cloud” applications from Google and other companies now have the option, many users together through all your files and applications on the Web.

If you use hosted applications for everything, then you have nothing to worry about when technology fails. Just stand up, walk to another computer and log in to start working where you left off.

This option is not for everyone. Who has an online application or, if you want to keep your private files from Google has yet to save files locally and backups should get easier with the methods described later in this article.

We can expect a significant increase in the number of users who store all your data in the cloud, when Google Chrome starts its next operating system for computers.

The same disk backup

First make a backup copy on the same disk, which makes no sense. If one drive fails, you lose both the original and backups. In addition, make a record copy of the same disks work is slow, are not designed to quickly copy data from one part of the drive to another part of the disk.

However, a backup disk will also give you a memory function for backup access key: the ability to store multiple versions of a file. For example, you can create a new copy of the Excel spreadsheet accounting every time you save, you can always restore a previous version if you make a mistake. You can also import Word documents do important if you have accidentally deleted a few paragraphs or pages, files, Outlook e-mail if you delete an important e-mail, and many other applications.

Although a single hard disk can be useful, you should always remember that one drive fails, the two originals and backups to kill, this method is most often used in combination with the described methods of calculation of backup storage later in this article.

Backup to external hard drive

Backup to an external hard drive is one of the cheapest methods of backup storage devices and the method probably offers the best protection for your files. Best of all, are external backup drives easy to use with Windows.

Most external hard drives today use USB 2.0, although some discs use FireWire or eSATA. In all cases, all you have to do is plug the external drive and wait for Windows to load (including installation). After the media disk on the backup wizard in the Windows system was located and the maintenance menu to go to the Control Panel. Create a backup copy and start immediately.

You have to use too many options when buying an external hard drive for storage of safety equipment. You can now have a 2 TB external hard drive.

Your first backup on an external hard drive will take some time, but the backups faster than the second and the following Windows-only transfers files that are changed.

After performing the backup, you must remove the hard drive safe, and then save it in a safe place. It is useless to you, even if the natural disaster that destroys your computer and destroy the backup. It is also necessary to drop the player could safely attacker or your private files into the wrong hands to hold. For both purposes it is recommended to store the backup disk in a fireproof safe high.

Network storage

In companies, and even in the houses, people are increasingly offering Network-attached storage (NAS), the drives just over the local network. NAS provides substantially all the benefits of backup disks and external storage backup Internet security features. Many devices for small offices and homes are designed to use very simple.

As with external hard drives, NAS is connected to the computer, but instead of connecting your computer directly connected to your network router. You can then create a folder on your computer, all files are stored on the NAS. It can save files in that folder as usual and you can also share files with other users on the LAN.

Because the NAS is separated from his team, there is much less likely to be destroyed by a disaster that affects your computer. You can even withstand the NAS in a safe place where they damage by fire and thieves, while connected to the network and provides the highest level of security and convincing.

Backup computer with RAID

Another great feature in high-end NAS is the possibility of using a redundant array of independent disks (RAID) for additional safety backup. If you use your computer for business and concern for the loss of thousands of dollars of data on a hard drive crash, RAID should, be an important part of the NAS backup plan for his equipment storage.

RAID is for all full-size PC with a special card called a RAID controller is available, but this method requires a lot of problems and non-technical users can easily erase all your data, choosing the wrong option. With a NAS RAID compatible, usually all you need to do is put a second hard drive in your NAS, you visit a Web interface and click one button to backup RAID-protected storage facilities to . activate

Internet-based backup

The sudden popularity of Dropbox has encountered more attention in the industry creates Internet-based backups. For non-geeks will probably appreciate the majority of Internet-based backup, because the installation requires only very little. For example, to use drop box, all you have to do is install the application drop box, create a Dropbox account, and copy the files to a Dropbox folder. Dropbox does the rest.

Dropbox and promise to improve security, but you’re still relying on another person with your most important files. You can make an online insurance, which guarantees easy backup data loss, while costing a fortune. Online store offers unlimited online storage.

The main disadvantage of Dropbox is that the recourse to the security of your data to Dropbox. While Dropbox uses high-tech security, a hacker is becoming increasingly aware of how he will move to have access to private files of millions of customers, and this is a very tempting target. Conversely, if you keep your own backup computer memory, just worry about direct threats to your computer.

Conclusion: You can avoid the storage of computer backup

Whether you store your data in the cloud, or want to keep in a high-end NAS server, you should always have a clear choice about how you want to backup storage to keep your computer before something goes wrong and that your data were suddenly IDO. If you organize your computer files is perfect for any type of backup is much easier!


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