Shortcuts And Surprises in Windows 8 Only For You

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Consumers around the preview of Windows 8 on multiple computers, computer experts have discovered some useful shortcuts and little surprises. If you installed the preview consumer, you may find these useful extras:

Quick access to system management tools
When you point the mouse cursor in the lower left corner and click, you go directly to the home screen. But what happens when you move your mouse to the extreme bottom left, then right-click? Aha! You can access the menu, full of shortcuts to any user or administrator to enjoy:
These are all the desktop tools, but this shortcut from any application running under the ground at the beginning of, or from the Windows desktop.
If you do not want your hands from the keyboard, use this shortcut: Windows key + X (the keystrokes are used for Windows Mobility Center are reserved for laptops that feature is still there, but it has a direct access was added.)

A screenshot
For the first time in its long history has a Windows shortcut that allows you screenshots directly, without the need for public services or other third parties. In previous versions (including Windows 7), you can PrtScr to capture the current screen contents to the clipboard, but needed to open an image editor to save the screen. In the preview of Windows consumer 8, press Windows + PrtScr. This shortcut copy of the current screen and saves it to a PNG file in the default folder of images. Each file has a generic name for the display, followed by a sequential number.

Register for an item custom Update
This is one of the best trick of all. Windows 8 contains an optional upgrade that used to the system at an earlier time can be restored without the data files. By default, the update of the images has started a clean installation of the PC.
But you prefer, you can return at a different state after the founding of your favorite programs and return to your liking, for example.
To create an image of renewal, you will need the Windows command line 8, in particular the benefits Recimg. This tool allows you to create an image, the Windows desktop programs and settings, and contains all the system files of Windows in its current state. Not included are subway-style applications or timing parameters, the restored when you start the session with a Microsoft.
To create a custom image upgrade, open an administrative command system (which is an option in the menu when you click the power in the lower left corner) and enter the following command:
recimg / directory create image
where is the local directory folder where you want to install the image.
In my test system I have a folder named Lost in the root directory of drive C:. This is what the output looks like this:
The resulting file is an image of the Windows Installer. Since the image is no data files is relatively low. With a new installation of Windows overview of Consumer eight with less than 7 GB

Enable the Windows backup tool 8, Archives
Ever since Windows Vista, Windows has the ability, regular backups of files on the fly to create. This capability is called in former times, but only because most people do not exist, are used.
In Windows 8, the user interface is simple and the function receives a name change. You will receive a separate hard drive of your Windows system drive need an external hard drive works fine, and a USB flash drive is large enough.
In order to file the story, press Windows + F to activate, then you write a history of the file in the search box. Click on or press the shortcut in the archive. Explore the options for yourself (I’ll have more details in the next update to Windows 8 in my book). This is what appears when enabled:

Check the Windows Experience Index
It surprised me when I saw it, because Microsoft makes no mention of him in the Palace of Windows 8 Blog or check the materials provided.
The maximum points available for the different grades in the Windows Experience Index was driven beyond the maximum of 7.9 in Windows 7. Here are the results I got from a test system, look to qualify on the memory card:
If you have a game system on top of the line, you can see a similar number of high-performance CPU and video. If you see Windows 8 higher values, as you have in Windows 7, please leave a note in the TalkBack section.


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