Your Life Is a Project

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The common saying, “Opportunity comes but once”, holds true for life. Life is an opportunity that we only have once. Our life is the greatest project we all have to handle.

It is therefore necessary that, just like every other projects, we learn the necessary strategies required to bring our lives to a desired end.


Humans have a wonderful gift—the mind. There are no impossibilities in our minds. You can create whatever life you want for yourself. Just find a quite place and begin to ask yourself what you really want and who you want to be. It’s important that you don’t limit your imagination to your present circumstances. You should learn to think BIG. Make good use of the capabilities of your mind. If it is necessary, build castles in the air.


Now that you know what you want, meditate on it day and night. Let it be one of the first things you wake up with and one of the last things you sleep on. Tell people about it and don’t feel ridiculed when they laugh at you. Sounding out your dreams will make them to be more deep-seated in your subconscious. You’ll find out that such dreams will now become the essence of your living and living the good life you want is not an option.


A project is as good as unsuccessful when good plans are not in place. We shouldn’t just live life every day as it comes. A well-planned life knows what it will look like in years to come. Needless to say, your plans should be in line with what you want. The sacrifices to be made, the right kind of environment where achieving goals would be possible, the skills and the requirements you would need to be what you want in years to come, e.t.c, should all be taken into consideration while you plan. It is also important that you break your plan into bits. Plan what you should achieve every day, week, month and year. Give your goal a specific date to be realized.


Start-off immediately. Life is a very good teacher. You’ll learn every day as you begin to put your plans into action. Most of the time, some of your plans will be altered and reshaped because of the knowledge you gained when facing the day-to-day challenges of making your dreams a reality. But the key thing is starting. If you don’t start, you’ll never start and you’ll never become—period.


It is important that you don’t give up. Don’t let go of the dream just because you start seeing reasons why they won’t work. Press-on—this is important to getting your desired life. When things don’t work, find out the reason. When they don’t work again, find out the reason again. You will come to times when important sacrifices have to be made—they may be your time, addictions, some friends e.t.c. Just let them go for the sake of your important dreams. You’re becoming a better person gradually until you finally get the right way to do it.


We humans can sometimes be so critical of ourselves that we think we’re failures when we’ve actually achieved a lot. It’s very easy to forget where you’re coming from. It’s easy to forget who you once were. It is very important therefore that you learn how to reflect. In the process, you will see how far you’ve gone. Even if you’re not where you want yet, take time to tell yourself nice words. This might be just one of the important ingredients that would be required to keep you going.



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