Quit Smoking Now

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From all over the places, I hear many stories and lots of cases that people unable to quit smoking. But that does not means you cannot quit smoking. It is all about yourself if you are able to put down smoking.

Even though you are a lifetime pack-a-day smoker

Try to recall this. Before you even start smoking, you have already lived a good life. Why does it make the difference after quit smoking? After all, you do not smoke before your even start smoking? So, why do you continue to smoke? It is after all about our self. If we want to believe in our self to quit smoking, well YOU CAN! 


People often say it is difficult. True enough it quitting seems the hardest thing but why it is so hard, have you ever wondered? I am sure, there is a lot of reason to back it up why, but believe in yourself and see through and weigh the pros and cons about smoking, you must eventually overcome it. You will quite smoking. 

Methods to stop smoking

Ask yourself questions. If you quit smoking, what will you regain? Unable to ask yourself a question?


1.       Without smoking, how would my healthy condition be like?

Without smoking, you will be awesome. You will feel healthier. Healthier in a sense, you will have more energy; you do not need to depend on smoking. You will have fresher breath; you do not need to depend on the mint to get rid of the smell. You will have whiter teeth; your teeth will be healthier.

2.       Without smoking, how would the people surrounding view upon me?

Without smoking, you will have more people to say you’re amazing and you can say proudly that you have finally quit smoking. Your loves ones  will have less risk of becoming a second hand smoker. They will have better health and so do you.

3.       Without smoking, how would my life be?

Without smoking, you will lower you risk of life. Do you know that heavy smoker tend to have difficulty in breathing? Their lung unable to supply enough oxygen in their body hence getting themselves tired all the time. Therefore, if you quite smoking, you will be able to live a long life without any regrets. Your love ones will be proud of you.

Therefore, try reasoning, and you will find that after all it is still the best to stop smoking. 


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