Sony Playstation Vita: What is Cool About This New Gaming Device From Sony

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ony is launching its new gaming console – Sony Playstation Vita that will succeed the Playstation Portable range (Sony PSP) of handheld consoles.  As Nintendo 3DS is eating into Sony’s portable market, Sony management has decided to bring a powerful competitor and it might well probably redefine gaming. A limited edition was launched in North America on 15th Feb, and rest of the world will get to see on 23rd Feb. In this post we will review what is cool about this new device.

When Sony launched its PSP range of consoles in 2003,  it took the gaming world by a storm. With that release, hard-core gaming didn’t have to be restricted to your TV, but you can carry it everywhere. Its dimensions at 7 by 3 inches fit easily in the pocket. Millions of consoles were sold as teenagers were getting lapping at the new device. In 5 years Sony had sold 53 million consoles and it became a rage. Will this new successor match up to it?
Sony Playstation Vita – features

    Display: 5 inch OLED multi-touchscreen display that provides rich viewing at wide angles. Gaming is all about powerful visualization and Sony does everything to pack this little device to give the player that experience.
    Faster processing and RAM: The Vita sports a 512 MB RAM apart from a 128 MB VRAM and gives the apps with far more juice to work with. It provides cards with options from 4GB to 32 GB. It also has a  4-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processor that will allow more advanced gaming.
    Battery: Battery is the most important component in any mobile console and Vita provides a decent option. The battery supports 3-5 hours of gameplay or 9 hours of video watching. But, unlike the earlier PSPs, the batteries are not easily removable. Like Apple, Sony wants you lock you in.
    Apps and Social networking: Gaming these days are social. Vita provides a touchscreen UI called LiveArea that allows you to connect with Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Foursquare and Netflix (movie rental service). It will also feature a proprietary location feature call “near” that will let you connect with other Vita users in your vicinity.
    Analog Sticks: Unlike the old PSP, Sony Platystation Vita with feature two analog sticks (instead of one) and will open access to far more interactive gaming.
    Camera: It has a small rear facing camera with a 640*480 resolution – nothing to wow you in there or make you leave your camera at home – but is used by augmented reality games.
    Connectivity: the new console will have Bluetooth, Wifi and an optional 3G connectivity options.

In the end the Vita is a seductive device that will help maintain Sony’s domination over the gaming console industry. I can’t wait to get my hands to it.


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