Will Google’s Majel Work Better Than Siri?

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Apple’s famous digital personal assistant, Siri, is one of the most fascinating features of the iPhone 4S when it was released last year. Because of Siri, the iPhone 4S was a runaway success. Although the app does have its own limitations, nevertheless, it’s a great app and is very enjoyable to use.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Google filed a patent for a Siri-like application that would allow users to interact with a Google TV through voice commands on an Android phone or tablet. That app could have been none other than Google’s answer to Siri, Google Assistant, also known under the code name Majel.

Google Assistant promises to go one step ahead of Siri as it aims to help users perform certain functions other than to just retrieve and display information to users. Although the detailed specs of Google Assistant have not been revealed, we can probably expect things like reading emails or changing TV channels on Google TV boxes through voice commands.

Developers too, have a lot of reason to be excited about Majel’s release. That’s because Google has promised to release APIs which will allow them to develop custom applications that will make use of the Assistant’s application features. This means that we could see a lot of new and interactive apps in the future. It’s so Google.

TechCrunch, the source behind the news, stated three important aspects of the Google Assistant project:

1) Encapsulate the world’s unlimited knowledge into a single format that computers can understand.

2) Develop a personalization layer wherein people can interact better in spite of the complexity of web 2.0 technologies. We’ve already seen this at work in Google +1 and Google+. Google has proven time and time again that they are a pioneer in today’s Internet age.

3) Finally, to create a personal digital assistant, particularly for mobile devices, that will be voice-operated and will not so much focus on giving search results but will instead help users more on a personal level in real life scenarios.

Google Assistant is expected to roll out in the fourth quarter of this year and whether this application becomes a hit or a flop when it releases, it is a known fact that Apple is going to go all out (again) on another lawsuit against Google.


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