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When Instagram was going to be launched on Android platform. It was expected that it will cross 50M users milestone with 27M users only on iOS. Since it was gaining a lot of people’s attention. Facebook bought it for $1 Billion. Facebook’s act was very much surprising since it was supposed to be social networking giant not a mobile giant. Facebook pounced into mobile by purchasing instagram.


Well Instagram was much more than just a photo effects and photo sharing app. It has started its own social network of photo lovers. Instagram will currently keep working as a separate app. Currently it is not going to be mixed in Facebook. However Facebook is going to try something that has already been done with YouTube by Google.


Since it is now a part of Facebook. New features will be added to it and possibilities are they may be more social and attractive because now Facebook will try to push it harder in the app stores. Facebook itself is very much used for sharing photos and images. Besides texts we also see images and videos in our news feed. And more often the texts are in lesser amount than other visual contents.

One of the features that may come on Android and iPhone Facebook app, and the chances are very bright, that it will allow the users to apply Instagram’s filters and other basic image manipulations Instagrams is capable of. Everyone loves to share their photo and they can make their photos good-looking and eye-catching by applying special effects and some basic image manipulations to it. This is a good idea and hits in every techie’s mind.


Next is bulk Instagram upload feature. As we all know that uploading a huge number of instagrams to Facebook can be very tedious as we have to upload instagrams one by one. One may expect a feature that will upload all the instagrams to Facebook in a new album or in any other existing album.


Like in many websites Facebook integration has been implemented. This allows users avoid making additional accounts and login to the websites by using their Facebook identity. Facebook integration in Instagram will help users login easily.


Well as Google plus uses picnik to let the users edit photos present in the albums online. Same wise Facebook can use instagram to allow users edit photos online on their mobile devices. A feature that will be related to geo-tagged Instagrams along with Facebook’s places could be helpful. This can help friends know about each other whenever a friend takes photos in the nearby area. Another possible feature that we can see in the upcoming updates of Instagrams is the ability to tag Facebook friends on Instagrams. This will help Facebook determine your friends on your instagrams.


Instagram has just topped Apple app store right after Facebook bought it. It is consistently increasing its popularity among iOS and Android mobile users. With Facebook power added up with instagram you can expect something better related to your photos on your mobile devices.


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