20 Free Ways to Market Your Business

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With the internet being a great place for free stuff it is really such a shame that a lot of business owners opt to just spend a fortune just to market their business while they can perfectly do just the same things for free. Yes, with the help of a couple of free websites, you can easily create a buzz around your product if done properly. Below is a list & a Brief Description of the Multiple ways in which you can Market Your Business. Here, you will learn over one hundred different ways you can market your business!

1.Networking or Social Media sites. These sites are user driven in that the users are the ones that create & add the content. With the THOUSANDS of free networking social media sites, you can easily find an audience for your business marketing methods.

2.YouTube.com. One of the most popular websites nowadays, YouTube is a really great place to be found and find potential clients.

3. Viddler.com. Like YouTube, Viddler is a video streaming/hosting platform, although it has more inclinations to being a social networking site.

4. Facebook.com. With millions of users worldwide, Facebook proves to be one of the most visited websites, so promoting your business here can easily get you noticed.

5. Ecademy.com. A special community for business owners, Ecademy is the home for thousands of business owners, which is why if you want to really get into the online business scene, this is the place you need to be.

6. LinkedIn.com. Another excellent business-oriented social network site, LinkedIn can provide you professional networking you will need to make your business grow and get noticed. This is one of the very largest business sites online with MILLIONS of users.

7. TrafficSwarm.com Since traffic is an essential need for your business’ website, generating free traffic, through TrafficSwarm, for it would be a really great plus.

8. Craigslist.org. In promoting your business, you would need to really find every way possible

to get found; getting listed on Craigslist is one way you can do that.

9. Forums. Participating in forums can greatly help you to promote your business not only because you can get more visibility there, but also because you can insert your link on your posts, helping you direct more traffic to your site.

10.BTTradespace.com Known for being a great online e-commerce community, getting listed at BT Tradespace can open you to a wider audience for your market expansion.

11.Twitter.com. This one’s pretty simple: since everybody’s on Twitter already, it would be unwise to let the opportunity of reaching millions of people by not joining in the tweeting trend.

12.HubPages.com. A site for user generated content, HubPages can help you advertise your site and business easily and with more credibility through articles. You can also earn from the said site.

13.Squidoo.com. Another user generated content site, Squidoo is also a great place to get your expertise published and your product promoted through specialized pages called “lenses”. This site is very much popular to entrepreneurs worldwide.

14.MySpace.com. Another popular social networking site, MySpace is the home for thousands of people trying to make it big online which makes it also a suitable place for your advertising campaign.

15.Ezines. In the past few years, Ezines have proved its worth for being a great tool in online marketing being a reliable place for publishing promotional articles for your business.

16.Bebo.com. Like a lot of other social network websites, Bebo can also help you reach out to millions of potential customers and clients worldwide.

17.EzineArticles.com One of the more popular article hosting and distribution sites, Ezines Articles holds millions of user generated content making it a good place to start your business promotions with the use of articles.

18.WordPress.com. The most popular blogging platform today, WordPress can help you with your marketing through blogging with its easy to use workflow and architecture.

19.Blogger.com. Another popular blog storage service site owned by Google, Blogger is another great place where you can start up a blog for your product.

20.TheArticleDirectory.com. A relatively fresh name in the article hosting trade, you should take advantage of what the Article Directory has to offer to help you make it big online.


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