Be a Man of Peace For The World With Islam

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Hazrat Abu hurairah (R.A.A) relates that the holy prophet Muhammad(s.a.w) said:”if any Muslim has oppressed his brother concerning his honor or anything else,let him obtain his pardon today (in this world) before the time comes when he will have neither dinars not dirhams (i.e he will be penniless). if the aggressor may have some good deeds(in his account) the same would be deducted in equal proportion to his wrongs,if the aggressor will have no good deeds in his accounts,the wrongs of the aggrieved would be added to the account of the aggressor in equal proportion”.(Bukhari)

Dear brothers and sisters,as Muslims we have know right to oppress our brothers and sisters who are Muslims like us.because a Muslims honor,position, properties and everything that belong to him or her is fully safe.another Muslim-this is what prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) directed in his last speech at Arafah.not only that,according to the teaching of Islam,a Muslim can’t even harm a non-Muslim.there is no discrimination between a Muslim and non-Muslim.

A Muslim is a man of peace and he is a symbol of progress for his family.society,nation,and country as will as for the hole world.a Muslim has to be very much conscious about his deeds,actions and activities. for this reason always a brotherly environment will prevail in a pure Islamic society. no enmity and hostility will be seen there like the golden days of Islam.more ever, if a Muslim makes any act of oppression against a Muslim by the influenced of shaitan,then without delay he has to go to this oppressed Muslim brother and seek forgiveness

Our prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) said:he should do this in this world.because on the day of judgment,he will be in helpless position and will not get any chance or opportunity to obtain pardon from his oppressed brother.if he fails,his good deeds will be deducted in equal portion of his wrongs,if there is no good in his account then the wrong of the oppressed person will be added to the account of the oppressors account.

Let us take oath that we will not be aggressive to anyone.may Allah accept our application and give us chance to be a man of peace for this world.



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