The Symptoms of Stress–Tips For Avoiding Stress

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How do we know that we are being undermined by stress? Easily annoyed or angry may be one of symptoms of stress. When stress is overwhelming you, you probably can’t concentrate on your work and have even worse mood. Body usually responds quickly before you finally realise that you are beginning to suffer from stress. The followings are signs and symptoms of stress that you will have to pay heed to.

  • You may have a headache. If you are having signs and symptoms of stress, headache may appear without you realising it. Taking a short sleep and having regular meals may minimize your headache. So may natural medications.

  • Stressed women usually have stomach cramp, especially when they are having their period. This cramp is twice as painful as the regular one. Light physical exercise will lessen the sympathetic nervous system activity, thus calming the cramp and stress.

  • When you’re stressed, you will often wake up and allow the unpleasant image appears in your dreams all night. Good sleeping habits will prevent you from having a bad dream. Make sure you have 7 – 8 hours’ sleep. And do not take caffeine or alcohol before you go to bed.

  • According to a research in Brazil, stressed people tend to have a higher risk of periodontal disease. Increased stress hormones can disrupt the immune system and allow bacteria to invade the gums. Be diligent in brushing and maintain your oral hygiene regularly.

  • Stress increases the inflammation that causes acne. You can prevent the growth of your acne by using a lotion that contains salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide to get rid of the bacteria that causes acne, also wear non comedogenic moisturizer to avoid the skin from getting too dry.

  • A recent research in Japan has been conducted on 2,000 people to see what happened to stressed people. Stressed people are prone to suffer from chronic itch or pruritus twice as large.  Feeling anxious or tense also aggravates conditions underlying other skin diseases like psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. Stress hormones activate the nerve fibres that cause the itching sensation.

  • In 2008, Ohio State University College of Medicine conducted a research and found that allergy sufferers overwhelmed by stress will show more serious allergy symptoms. This is because hormone stress stimulates production of IgE–blood protein that causes allergic reactions.

  • Anxiety and stress cause stomach aches, headaches, back pain and insomnia. Stressed people are usually anxious. This anxiety makes you suffer from stomach aches, head aches, and insomnia.

By knowing the above mentioned signs and symptoms of stress, you can quickly take precautions so that stress can be avoided or minimized. There are still other signs and symptoms of stress not mentioned above. So you are advised to seek further information on the symptoms of stress.



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