Misusing Chat Facility

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Chatting facility is a good one to communicate with our friends and make new friends. But some persons misusing the chat options a lot and made others to hate the chat facility. We must be very careful while using the chat option, particularly girls must be careful while chatting with unknown persons as well as give more importance to the chat room.

A lot of chat rooms are available and we can select our favorite one, but it is really hard to avoid some unwanted invitations while chatting particularly if some girls are available for chat, lot of guys are interested in sending chat request to her, some of them are good and some persons are interested in adult chatting. Mostly girls are not interested in doing this kind of chat. But some guys don’t understand about this and they are sending adult messages to the girls without asking her permission as well as knowing she is interested or not in such kind of chatting.

Recently one of my wife’s friend having a bitter experience with her chatting activity. She send a message to my wife regarding this. Luckily my wife is not interested in chatting as well as she is busy with her home making and child caring as well as education process. Her friend joined in a public chat room and have a good chat with her girl friend, at that time she got an invitation from a guy, she accepted it. The guy started to share his adult pictures and contents with her, she hate it and blocked him. After this incident she got a lot of request from unknown strangers, as well as got a lot of pictures and links in her chat window. She is very much irritated with this activity and closed the messenger.

The guy’s friends started to send chat messages whenever she is available in online, i.e while she is checking her email, she got a lot of unwanted chat request and strange links and pictures pop ups in her window, she is very much depressed with this and sign out from chat. Now she hates the chat activity. This kind of bad guys gives a lot of troubles and problems to innocent girls and made them to hate chatting facility.

Use the chat facility in a good way and avoid this kind of unwanted activities. There is nothing wrong in sending this kind of links, if the girl is interested in adult chat, but you must first ask permission from her before sending your links and pictures. It is the proper manners to follow.


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