Why Should we Have Cell Phones at School?

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Student in high school have to follow many ridiculous rule and restrictions, one of the most outrages is the rule that says students cannot have their cell phone on them at all, whether they are off or not. The reason they give is that it is a distraction for student to be on the phone in school and that they could cheat on tests by communicating with others doing the test.

From my experience in school it doesn’t matter, people will get distracted by something as small as spinning there pencil around there thumb. What are they going to do take away our pencils to keep us focused on the teacher? Student will pay attention if they want to and if they don’t they will find a way.

Teenagers have been cheating on tests since the very beginning. Long before cell phone were even invented. Well school administrators might argue that this will make it much easier to do it. What are they thinking? Does the teacher not make students put their notes away, and clear of their desk before they start the test? Why would this be any different for cell phones, students would simply have to put their phone away before they start the test. 

Another thing to think about is that adults are actually far more likely to cheat on a test then a teen, because they are more scared of being judged by the peers than adults

Many people may say well all this doesn’t matter because cell phones are not need it in a class room there for do not to be in them. This is very untrue smart phones are by far the most popular and powerful tool in the world, yet who ever makes the rules for the schools are to ignorant to see this. It’s kind of strange because I see my principals on their smart phones all day! I think they just like to boss us around and feel important, but there not! Mobile phones have an infinite amount of possibilities but here are some of the many benefits of phones in school.

  1. Why buy a hundred dollar graphing calculator for every student when they can download a free app to their phone that is in my experience much better than the school’s.

  2. Most teens can type very fast on their phone and taking notes on your phone is quite easy to do and better organized on the phone. Another plus would be going green!

  3. For that matter I find it very easy to type full essays on my phone on documents to go then putting then either connecting them to a usb or drop box and printing them out

  4. Although you cant I think it would be an even better option to type of your essay and the simply emailing the teacher the file and then they could grade it without wasting a precious paper, again going green, or as I should say just getting out of the dark ages!

  5. There is no need for a laptop to do research when you have a mobile phone. The mobile internet is improving all the time and is quite easy to use and do research on. Imagine a world without computer lab or in my school we have moveable laptop carts. This cost the tax payer a lot of money for something that is not really needed at all. Another downside to use school computers is that immature kids tare the keys off and press really hard on the screen just to break them, same goes for schools calculators. They don’t care because it’s not theirs. Well the cell phone would be!

  6. If the schools would give up there wifi passwords so we could use it on our phones, so we don’t have to use our data if we don’t have unlimited. Another benefit to that is it would allow devices that only run on wifi but has apps just like phone, like the ipod touch, I mean a student could even bring in their laptop and do work, still better than the system we have now!

  7. A cell phone can be a great way for teacher to send out reminders all at once to all of their students that this project is due or even give them a heads up on a upcoming project so they can get started, or for a student to ask what the missed in school while they were absent, or if a student in having trouble with their homework they could text or email there teacher for help.

  8. There are many educational apps out there that you can learn from in your spare time; some good ones would be an app for learning a foreign language, or math flash cards or something like that.

  9. Many people have come to love reading ebooks on their mobile devices, this allows the user to read any book they would like and carry their entire library in there pocket! Going green in every way!

  10. The schools web page could make a mobile version, or make there on app with all the info needed for projects, instant access to grades, a tutor, recommended apps, and so on all at for finger tips!

                                                                     By Nicholas S Boyer


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