Yes, You do Need a Business Facebook Page

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Everyone’s told you that if you are to survive as a small startup business owner, you had better get on Facebook and meet potential customers where they like to hang out. And it’s a great idea. If you could set a business Facebook page up, keep up with all the changes that Facebook comes up with from time to time, and work out a plan to keep your visitors engaged, it could really be good for business. You have just one question though: how exactly do you keep your visitors engaged?

There is really no one way or rule to engaging people. It all depends on what you have a personal flair for. Facebook gives you a few ways in which to express that flair. You can for instance, create a game or a poll with Facebook applications. If you have no idea how to do any of this stuff, there are many websites out there that will help you create a customer engagement application or help make your business Facebook page a better experience for your customers. 

WildfireApp is a website for instance that allows you to design your own Facebook app with almost no computer skills. It doesn’t cost much either – you can probably get something done for five dollars. Another company called SocialUps helps you create your own games for $300. You only have to come up with an idea for a good game.

Facebook these days is really set up to help you create a business Facebook page and to help you understand your customers. You need to use Facebook Analytics for this. You’ll learn exactly what kind of visitors you getting, how old they are, where they are, whether they are a man or woman and so on. As soon as you begin to follow your visitors, you get to look into their Facebook page and learn a lot about them. You could see into their lives. 

This is why Facebook is set to become one of the greatest moneymaking enterprises. They give any business owner such marketing tools to gain insight into their customers with.

These days, Facebook is front and center when it comes to engaging the business visitor who wishes to create a business Facebook page. You get interactive business tools, insight into the lives of bpotential customers,ways to create a branded Facebook page, and so on. It really isn’t exaggeration to say that you need Facebook to survive in business today.


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