Treatments That Can Help Older Adults And Young Children When Afflicted By Scabies

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If you have scabies, the most effective treatment that you can have is one that comes from your physician. You can purchase over the counter treatments, however there are important educational aspects that should be learned. For example, scabies is contagious and can be spread within a household very easily. These little mites can live for over 24 hours apart from a human host. As you can see, you don’t need to have direct contact with someone else to get scabies. And usually, members of the family that live in the same household are more than likely get this from someone else in the home. Therefore, anyone who has it needs to be treated simultaneously to make sure all the mites are killed everywhere.

One of the best creams for treating scabies is Permethrin, and the other is Ivermectin, and both have been used successfully. A strong suggestion give by doctors is that all people living in a household should receive the scabies treatment when scabies has been found in the household. A person may be infected and yet not show any signs of the disease. To decrease the condition from coming back again, it needs to be controlled through prevention. You might not have any of the symptoms of scabies, but still have them in your body. External antiseptic measures only need to be taken when crusted scabies happen to be present, even though the scabies mite can live outside the body for a sort time.

How your doctor will choose to treat scabies will depend on several factors such as age and overall state of healthy. Treatments are not limited to, but will more than likely include, using a medicated cream which can kill the mites in your epidermal layer. A byproduct of having scabies is sometimes severe itching which antihistamines are capable of reducing or eliminating. You will definitely itch quite a bit if you’re infestation includes a lot of mites that are laying eggs and digging on a continual basis. This is exactly why antihistamines are prescribed to take care of this problem. Another remedy for scabies is a doctor prescribed solution called Ivermectin. Once scabies has been handled, you will follow-up with your doctor in a few weeks to make sure everything is fine.

Many people in the United States will be prescribed Elimite which is another name for the topical cream permethrin. If you have to choose, Elimite is your best choice because of its lower toxicity rating in regard to human use. Infants, even as young as a few months old, that get scabies may safely be treated with permethrin.

Prescribing lindane for the treatment of scabies is not without some amount of controversy. Those that are able to use Lindane must fit certain medical requirements before it can be prescribed. Specifically, people with low body weight and weak immune systems should not use this product.

If you do get scabies in the future, or have it right now, you should know that it can be treated very effectively. Getting scabies is not life-threatening, but more bothersome than anything else because of how looks and feels. But everything is understood about the condition, and it is just a matter of receiving an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Although it is easy to treat, your doctor should be the one to treat you, and explain to you every aspect of this condition. One thing the doctor will tell you is that scabies can live in or on objects in your home that need to be treated as well as your skin.


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