Mommy, Daddy,and Me!

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If your a parent out their reading those how to live with a teenager throw it out right now! Because your kid will not respond. Teenagers are bigger, bader, and sneakier than ever nowadays. And they are ticking time bombs that are fighting with raging hormones. If there was ever a mind you don’t want to enter it’s your teenagers. When I say the ones who scream I hate you every day are better than, the quiet ones you know are angry with you but rarely if ever say it out loud you better believe me. If you notice your kid scoweling and then quickly turning their head when you look at them or biting their lips alot you may need to watch them. Because I garentee under that calm bitterness is a little demon contemplating how they are going to push you in front of a car and get away with it! The mayjor thing that has really changed is the sense of entilement kids today have. But we fed into it because no one wants to a Hungry child, I mean this is America for crying out loud. We are supposed to be the most stable government in the world we help other countries try to be like us. How can we remain a world power when the upcoming generation lives in the now and never looks ahead to their future. I know it’s hard for parents to decide whether or not to put their daughter on birth controll or give their sons condoms, because honestly can you really expect them to handle it well anyway? And whose paying for an unexpected child brought in by young idiots. Whose buying diapers if the kids want to keep it? Whose gonna pay for an abortions? You are! Or you can choose tough love and put your kids on the street and let taxpayers fund stupidity. I believe communication is the only and best option. Because you nagging them and setting up strict rules which you probably had growing up is not gonna do anything but make them wish you dead trygrow up to be a stripper or a gang member because they want to hurt your feelings and make you seem like a failure and not them. They will find out soon enough that the bad choices effect only them. You can try to raise them in a bubble but eventually they will experience society and how messed up it is and your child will be unprepared. Your daughted is going to date an asswhole not anywhere near what her standards should be. Your son Is gonna run into a girl who will break his heart. Our times of courtship are virtually over but I am not getting into that since I will write an article soley on that. Try not being so strict and teach them well deep down most teenagers just want to be loved. Good luck! And cross your fingers life dosen’t hit them too hard.


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