How To Add Applications To Facebook Page

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Facebook page is a great way of attracting visitors from social media side. Since Facebook is currently leading in social networking, you must have a well established Facebook page. For this you can install applications and make cool Facebook landing pages. These things will surely help you get more likes, therefore, resulting in increased social media potential. This article will teach you how you can add an application to your Facebook page.


With the Timeline available for Facebook pages, Facebook page admins can easily highlight a story thus giving it a lot of exposure. Moving towards the first step. First of all you need to find the application you want to install on your page. It is not going to be a piece of cake since Facebook search is not so famous among search geeks. It will hardly give you the result you are trying to search unless you are in touch with the subject, in a way or other. In this post we are going to install an application named Binkd Promotion.


Search for this on Facebook, hopefully you will get it. Now to the installation. When you have landed on its page, click on Add button right in front of “Create Contests For Your Facebook Page”. You will be taken to a page where you have to choose the page in which you want to integrate this application. Select a page and click on Add Binkd Promotion.


Now when you are on the Admin page. Click on Manage and then Edit page. After this you will have settings page with sub menus as Basic Information, Profile Picture, Featured, Resources, Manage Admins, Apps, etc. Click on Apps and you will be able to see Binked Promotion app. Click on its Edit Settings. It will ask you to add tab name. Write an appropriate tab name. You can also choose an image for the tab. Click Okay.


Now you should be able to see a tab right below your Facebook Page’s Timeline Cover. You can change the position of the tabs accordingly. In this way you can add apps to your Facebook pages. These apps are of great importance. If you are running a page then you may find some of the apps “a must-have” for every Facebook page. They bring your page one step ahead from other competent pages.


The app we have installed in this tutorial is capable for running contests on Facebook pages. Similarly there are apps like Contact me which can help fans contact the Facebook page admin by sending him messages via contact form. RSS Graffiti allows admins to publish their recent blog posts on Facebook page. Fan of the Week application keeps fans involved in your page. TabSite app gives you the ability to create multiple tabs within the custom tab. This will help you give a website look to the page. TabSite’s website gives you tools to design custom tab and then implement it on the Facebook page. You can have maximum of two tabs for free. I hope this article will help you in getting started with Facebook page.


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