7 Ios Apps to Help You Stay Fit And Healthy

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Health is one of the key concerns of today’s generation. Keeping oneself fit is the primary agenda. One wouldn’t want to sit back without ‘sweating it out’. Long gone are the days when you had to hire a professional to help you to keep fit. Technology has changed everything. The latest iOS apps redefine the meaning of ‘training hard’ to keep fit. These apps act as a coach, trainer and friend, and help you through different exercises and routines. They also help you in controlling your diet and drinks. To top it, the give you incentives for doing it correctly! Presenting a list of seven apps that would help you burn your calories and help you stay fit.

  1. iTriage: One of the most popular apps in the App Store, this is an excellent app to keep track of your fitness and daily routine. The app is a combination of various unique features and lets you save information under various heads like My Appointments, Health Records, etc. The app also lets you check symptoms of various diseases and the users can check for medication and procedures involved.
  2. Nike Training Club: This app combines the exercises with video tutorials to better help the user. The app has various schedules which require a specific amount of time. The user can also switch to a progressive mode. This mode allows the user to make a goal and the app then, makes the required scheduled for the same. This is very useful if the user is planning to lose a required amount of weight in a particular time frame.
  3. C25K: The app is wonderful for first time runners. People who are starting out on their exercising spree will find this useful and comprehensible. The app has various modes which are simple enough to understand. The user has to switch to a mode and start running. The app tells the user of the time in regular intervals, so you won’t be looking at your watch for the time.
  4. WebMD Mobile: A very professional app used to check for symptoms and extensive information on health, drugs and treatment. The app also lets you check for physicians and hospitals near you. Designed by the best doctors, this app can be called a ‘doctor at home’.
  5. Strava Cycling: If you are a person who prefers cycling over the regular fitness exercises, this app is for you. This app uses your GPS to track a route and keeps a track of the speed and average time. You can also keep a record of your cycling endeavors as an achievement, in the archive section of the app. The app also keeps a track of the calories burnt.
  6. Daily Burn: This app helps you strike a perfect balance in your diet by keeping track of what you eat and how much you eat. The food database of the app is huge and includes numerous food items. The database also contains the nutritional value and food analysis information. Keep a track of all the calories you consume every day.
  7. GymGoal: This app contains a list of exercises which you can perform with the help of the in-built voice guidance system. The exercises are listed out in a particular manner and can be accessed according to the needs of the user.

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