Improving Golf Swings – How It Is Done

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Practice is the only way to get a good golf swing. As with any other skill, you need to practice to improve. These tips will help you improve your golf swing and your score.

Don’t swing too quickly. Swinging too quickly is something that many new golfers make the mistake of doing. As you reach the summit of your swing – the top, then just pause a trifle. You’re not going for drama, so no need to make it very long. When you do pause, it’s about half of a pause, and be mindful of your body and the rhythm that is supposed to be there. Just think about what’s going on with your swing; if there is no pause you will be much more likely to lose some control because you need to be mindful of the change from back/front swinging.

Make sure to put your left knew out toward your target during the backswing motion. This method will increase your sense of stability and you will likely feel some muscle tension. This stance will reduce the amount of body turn you will experience during follow through. To practice this stance try using a basketball between your knees while you are swinging. This helps you see how you need to point your left knee and what strength you will need to draw from.

Your right hand needs to now be in the hitchhiker position for backswings. That is to say when your hands are at waist height you should see your thumb pointed toward the stars if you are in the right position. The handshake position is now where you want your left hand to be during this swing. Stretched our palm in toward the right hand. This is an easy tip for improving your golf swing all the way through follow through.

Golf is considered a great game by many people. It is fun for all ages. Small children can enjoy golfing, as well. Of course, nobody has a perfect golf swing right off the bat. With time and patience, you will develop a good golf swing.

Improvement to your golf swing can be achieved in a number of ways and as your swing improves so will your overall game. The right clubs, stance, and swing will all help you as you work to improve your golf swing.


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