How Much Jesus is Too Much Jesus?

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I think it’s great too have the mind set of believing in something bigger than youself. My sister has had bad experiences with christianity and has made me question my faith also, I beg the question is there such a thing as too much Jesus? My mother’s Ex-husband was a priest and he is what i call a jesus freak. he used to claim to get messages from angels. one evening he is taking a nap and suddenly takes a baseball bat to the t.v saying angels told him too because the devil was in it, so no more television. No santa either because rearange the letters and you get satan. He never explained why angels told him to hit my mom and me. i was taught you do anything for your man cook, clean, raise kids, ok she thought i can do that, no problem, but also if beats you and marital rape is also ok because a wife shold never say no to her husband. be a good little homemaker beacuse God gave MAN dominion over earth not WOMAN. Hey, who’s to argue with the bible? And i don’t understand why there are so many types of christianity which one is right. How can one form say God gave all man dominion over earth but another says kane (who killed his brother able) had a dark spot on his arm so black people are thouht of as bad? when I asked my mother this one day and she told me that people had twisted the veiw point of Jesus. well who’s to say the whole time was not made up by people who examined anchient cultures and realized that they worshiped false gods because they needed to feel apart of something. These same people were smarter and did not want drain the blood of virgins in order for the sun to come up. other people say ” i have not lost anything if i believe in something when i die and it turns out not to be there, i rather do that that risk burning in hell” yeah well isn’t that just great i am going to burn in hell because of my veiws. If God is so great why then can’t he be the bigger person and instead of damnation forever just let it be when you die because you are a good person and wecolme you in. And being a ghost with chains that roams the earth for ever dose not seem fair either. My mother’s ex-husband also thought that these children who came forward about being raped, molested, and forced to have sex with animals were attention grabbing whores. My sister’s aunt is married to one of the man accused of these acts. Yep not any kind of red flag waving around in that decision. My mother asked for a sign before converting her faith, she was given one. A pastor at our church had already selected closing song but he said he knew someone was contemplating a big decision and played my mothers favourite hymnal. Now did God lure my mother into a loveless marriage, she swore she never told a soul about her prayer. Is there such a thing as too much faith?


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