Warm up And Cool Down—training Phases That Mustn’t be Ignored

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 Exercise with warm up and cool down will give us a more effective result and injuries that incur in exercise can be avoided. Warm up and cool down in fact constitute the most essential element in any training program.

Warming up is a phase to prepare your muscle that will be used in exercises. When you are at rest—like when you sit, sleep or laze away, most blood pools in the organs and glands such as kidneys, heart, and other main organs in the body. Without warming up these organs will experience stress because of the sudden shifting of blood to the area used in the activities. To avoid this stress, the shifting of blood to the muscle used should be done slowly. If your exercise is running, you can warm up by walking–slow walking to fast walking just before you start running.

How do we do a warming up?

If you’re training session is 60 minute run. Your warming length would be about 10 to 15 minutes. Start warming up by slow walking for 5 minutes, and then continue another 5 minutes by increasing the speed of your walk. By doing this your heart rate slowly rises as your blood slowly moves to the muscle currently used for training. As soon as the warming up period is over, do not go fast but start run slowly making sure that your heart rate is stable during the training phase. If you train without a heart rate monitor, you have to guess how your heart rate responds to the intensity. Not puffing and blowing is enough to measure your target heart rate zone during the training session.

Cooling Down

As soon as you reach the end of training session, do not stop suddenly. Instead, lower your running speed to a slow jogging and fast walking. Do the fast walking for 10 minutes and spend 2 minutes walking slowly.

Cooling down is as important as warming up. In cooling down, you slowly shift the blood back to the organs where blood pool when you are at rest. After training, blood is used for oxygen and nutrition that is needed to repair damage to the cell during your training session.

If you love physical exercises in the hope of keeping in shape and staying healthy, never forget these two essential phases of training—warm up and cool down.


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