WordPress Plugins To Recoup Search Engine Ranking After Panda Update

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This article will tell you about someWordPress plugins that can help you recoup your search engine ranking after being hit by Panda. So this post is specially written for WordPress users only. However webmasters can also take a guess of what can be a good practice to recover from Panda. It is not that hard to bring back the things to normal but you need to look towards blogging in another way.

You need to take care of many other perspectives other than just writing. This includes a lot of SEOparameters. Now to the list of WordPress plugins with brief description of them. These plugins are going to help you resolve the SEO problems you face but need technical knowledge to fix. That is one of the plus point of using WordPress. You don’t have to be too much technical to achieve anything. Thanks to WordPress developers community.

No-indexing is a technique by which you tell the search engine not to crawl a certain page. Many bloggers have discovered that making useless pages, that doesn’t participate in giving any useful information, available to the search engine lowers blog’s ranking hence you are not providing it with quality content. So it is better to no-index such pages. This includes; category pages, tag pages, about me, contact me etc. Using plugin Robots Meta WordPress plugin you can easily achieve this.

SEO Search term tagging 2 is a good plugin to determine how many of your posts are not getting traffic. This will help you identify those posts thus allowing you to rewrite them to make them good content. This plugin has another feature that is to show related search terms. Make sure that you don’t use this feature. It is not SEO friendly feature and it damages your SERP ranking.

Checking for your broken links is one of the substantial steps you should take towards optimizing your blog. In web development, facing 404 pages is normal but you must resolve them as soon as possible because this hurts readership and search engine ranking. Broken links stops crawlers from further crawling your blog. This arises the chances of missing articles that you have written after hard work. Luckily there exists a plugin that can help you fix this. Name of the plugin is Broken Link Checker and it can be downloaded from WordPress.org directory.

SEO smart link plugin automatically links your posts together. This internal linking reduces bounce rate and allows visitors to explore more of your interesting articles. Don’t neglect this fact. Many bloggers around the blogosphere have suggested this feature.

Easy WPSEO is not a free WordPress plugin but it helps you in increasing on-page seo by telling you keyword density and other important factors. After installing this plugin you will be able to write better posts that are SEO friendly.

That was all those plugins that could help you survive Google Panda update while you are using WordPress. That is why I love to use WordPress. It gets things done without coding. If I had been on any other platform. I would have code on my way to SEO.


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