Advantages of Ever Green Blogging

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There are different blogging styles one can adopt to succeed in the blogging career. These styles include affiliate blogging, niche blogging etc. You might have heardabout them on the web. One of the blogging styles is to write evergreen content. This includes writing content that never age and it is still useful as it was useful a decade ago – or few years ago. For example, health related how-to articles, history, some universal truths, stories, myths etc. These kind of topics remain popular among people irrespective of the time. These articles doesn’t suffer seasonal constraints and have a long life. Evergreen content remains fresh for a long time span and readers enjoy reading it.

I’ve written few categories above which can possible be evergreen, however, you can also find other topics which can be evergreen. Try searching the web about articles written two or more years ago and are still ranking high and read by visitors.

Evergreen content is also niche dependent. Make sure that you follow all the necessary steps for successful niche blogging. Without having a niche blog evergreen content may not be able to drive as much traffic.

Evergreen content writing has a lot of advantages over short-life contents. Short-life content, like news articles, gets more page views than evergreen content but this boost is for short period only and as the time passes the content starts dying. In contrast evergreen content is a constant source of visitors and keeps getting page views. Constant source of visitors means constant source of revenue. Once you have written an evergreen article you need to promote it and take it to the first pages of the search engines. Now relax and enjoy traffic for years. This sounds easy but it is not that really. Evergreen content attracts much less traffic as compared with short-life content so you need to write a lot of articles to get enough traffic to generate revenue.

Evergreen content is included in long-term blogging strategy. You need to write few articles daily and make it your habit. As the time passes you will be compiling up quality evergreen articles attracting visitors for your blog. This strategy is best for those who don’t have enough time to blog so they can write evergreen content with each new article being published participates in increasing pageviews. Evergreen articles are usually generic so expect that visitors will come back again and again. This will help you increase your unique pageviews and may also help you sell ad spaces on your blog.

Besides its advantages evergreen articles have disadvantages too. I would like to briefly explain its disadvantages. Evergreen articles doesn’t attract as much visitors so earning from them is very slow since you need to write a lot of evergreen articles for your blog and writing a lot of articles take time. You need to be self-motivated and consistent. Number of visitors being attracted will still be less than the visitors attracted by same number of popular (news) articles.

So my advice here is to write both type of content for your blog, evergreen and popular. You can find out topics for evergreen articles related to (or somewhat related to) your niche.


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