Importance Of Quality Articles For Better Serp Ranking

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This article will cast light on the significance of quality articles for ranking higher in Google search results. Besides this it will also guide you a little on how to write quality articles and what is considered as quality article with respect to search engines and users.

Before writing an article you should ask few questions to yourself. First is to ask yourself what brings traffic to your blog? Is it blog’s theme? Is it blog’s design? Is it number of Facebook fans? You can bring traffic to your blog even having nothing from the aforementioned things. Answer to this question is content. It is content that brings traffic to your blog. It is content where keywords lies and search engine analyzes them. So you are agreed with that the content is the king.

Now ask yourself, “For whom I’m writing articles?”. “Am I writing article for search engines or humans?” If you are writing for search engines then you should know that search engines are also written by human and more surprising also for humans. If you are writing for humans then you are on the right path. Now while writing and before writing analyze your article’s contents and think in your mind that is this post is going to help out people or not? Or is it just another junk article for the world wide web. It’s a matter of few posts only. Once you get used of this kind of thinking then you will automatically start writing quality articles that will help humanity.

Quality articles are key to search engine ranking. Your article should be engaging and refreshing. When readers will be engaged in reading the article, they will further read two or more of your articles. This will help you drop your bounce rate and increase the average time on site. If you are writing a post for a blog then you should adopt the “write as you talk” strategy. This strategy eliminates formal writing and all other barriers that can create distances between the writer and the reader.

Since your content is new and engaging and people love to read and share. Your post will soon be popular in the blogosphere. It really doesn’t mean that you should stop promoting your post. If your post is getting traffic and likes then promote it even harder. May be this is a masterpiece you don’t know.

This is the definition of quality articles for a user. Now to the search engine definition of quality article. Search engine declares an article as a quality article if, visitors stay on the page for longer time, it is getting backlinks from high PR pages, it has good (not excessive) amount of keywords and relative keywords and it is not spun, duplicated or copied content.

Recent Google Panda updates have penalized auto-blogs and copy-pasters. This is because they were promoting nothing but junk. These sites usually have spun, duplicate or multiple time translated content on them. So for better long term planning it is necessary to have a quality content.


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