Speed of Light Interstellar Travel Impossible

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The universe is too small a place for us since we were discovering how to build telescopes. These mega machines to reach the edge of the observable universe, and we understand how to read the signs, which is the ability to develop deep space. That said, we do everything we measure the speed of light, reaching the fastest way to get here. A man-made vehicle to reach the stars, so we need to fly at the speed of light. This is possible?

Speed ​​of Light

300 000km per second speed of light. I do not weigh anything and yet the energy and speed. And a wave at the same time it is infinitesimal. Why is the light that travels to the moon and back, hardly more time than you can say the moon and back? Incredible speed and still we would like to travel and we can visit the nearby galaxies we have about 170 000 years to travel. Now they are fast, but it is possible? Travelling around the star and will take nearly 16 years.


300 000 kilometers per second the end of your journey before you leave home with the ability of each one.



Even if we had the technology, the crew to leave behind their family and friends, and certain knowledge that they only occur in the future that all the space in the die will be ready before the first spacecraft will be inserted into other galaxies. We bring this dream to reality, but we are talking about the fact that the speed of light to reach the infinite mass transport would require infinite energy can be removed. The spacecraft is set to increase, as it accelerates the peace.

We are also close to light speed away from the idea that we need another form of travel to any star in any journey is short and will not be discussed. When we think may be spiritual, we are still taking place and it is  per hour, more than 28000km you can travel. Prove the human race is very innovative, but our imagination is only limited by constraints of space travel is not limited by the large distance.


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