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Back links playing an important role in getting traffic to our site/blog. Most of us having our own site blog and trying our maximum to get traffic to it. It is not hard to create our site/blog, lot of sites providing free hosting and creating service to  create our site/blog. But it is really hard to get more visitors to our blog. All the blog and site owners working hard to improve their page rank and getting back links in various places.

If we have our own site or blog, we can earn money from it using advertisements. But it is really hard to get visitors as well as ad clicks. We must book mark our site in various book marking sites, promote it in social sites like facebook, twitter and other sites, submit our site with google, yahoo, bing and other directory services, writing articles and review pages about our site to promote it and so on.

We all like to get more visitors to our blog, so we create back links in various places by adding our site/blog link as our signature in the forums, placing our links in comments and so on. Most of the bloggers and site owners are doing the same to get more visitors to their blog and try their maximum to promote their site in various places.

I have sites and blogs about facebook articles, home based online jobs, interesting articles, tips for writing articles and working hard to promote it. I submitted my site and blogs in google, yahoo and various directories and create tasks and campaigns to get visitors to my site/blog. Placing ads in various sites as well as commenting in others blogs with my links to get visitors. By this way i get a good traffic to my site. But it is really hard to get ad clicks, most of the visitors just give a glance to our site and not interested in clicking the ads. We must be lucky enough to earn a lot from our site/blog.

There is nothing wrong in promoting our blog/site links in various places. Most of the bloggers are doing the same thing to get the back links. Some bloggers are placing paid ads in various sites and advertise their site/blog in ptc sites to get the ad clicks. Try your maximum to place your back links in various places to get good traffic to your site. This kind of activity is not a spamming one, if your blog is good with quality content. In fact your back links will be useful to some persons whoever searching for the information which is included in your blog. Don’t think creating back link is a spamming activity, it will help you to increase your visitors and gain a good page rank in google.


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