No Strings Attatched

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How come companies tease anyone with a computer with free prizes that are not really free?! It’s upsetting to be surfing the internet and be bombarded with flashing ads, that say free $1000 walmart card! You click on them only to be annoyed with questions such as, dose anyone in your suffer from cronic back pain or sleep apnea? And if you sat no to all the offers on the page you get, please agree to at least one subsription above. Some would stop right there, but me I used to be hopeful and keep going. So I click on free vitamin sample and it takes me to that website and it says free buy one get free but It did not say that one the previous page! It said FREE!! Another time I logged onto a website I frequent the screen fades and a box pops up “you have Visited this website seven days in a row claim your free iPad 3 now! I am thinking this could be different you know, I’m not surfing the web to sites I haven’t ever been too. I have visited this website seven days in a row, could this be legit? Poor, nieve little me :'(
I click it and flashing lights start, I know already to stop and let it go but a voice inside my head says don’t go back it’s freaking iPad you idiot continue! So I do and sure enough here comes the questions… Do u have a dog? No, Do you or anyone know frequently have diarrhea? Are you kidding me?!? No, would you like to earn money without leaving your home by taking online surveys? Humm, I am not the type of Person who likes the idea of making twelve bucks a month. Plus sitting at the computer getting asked all those stupid questions would give me migranes which would result in me bitching away anyone who could ever love me, being lonely, gaining three hundred pounds, adopting 23 cats, which I would then be feeding off of tax payers money,No!! if you agree an offer you must pay 9.99 mo/ or 14.99 mo/ so you wave something free in my face then ask me to buy something. well i am not sure who runs these companies but let me break it down for them “free means it costs nothing” here i will show you $0.00 this is free…i should probably draw a circle around it, i don’t want a hand out i just want for the stuff that claims to be free to be FREE
with no strings attatched…


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