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  1. 5 management mantras according to you?

Based on experience, I have adapted the 5 critical management functions of Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, and Controlling as follows

  1. Plan AND expect to be surprised:- yet plan, because you brain needs this dart-

board. Else what else would you be committing your darts. Refuse to start without a plan no matter what…and break your plan into small task goals. Expect course correction, even when the sunny side’s up carry your umbrella, helps you either ways sun or rain!

  1. Be Passionate about every task that you’re working on…..there’s no excuse for not

loving what you do and vice-versa. Reward self and others for small task victories with a pep talk, and ensure that you and your team look forward to every working moment

  1. Keep an eye for talent:- Each of us is gifted uniquely to do awesome things, and

some quirk of fate brings us on a plane where we need to team up for a unified goal. People demonstrate native ability to do certain things effortlessly, and one needs to be sensitive and cognizant of such talent. Base decisions on meritocracy rather than hierarchy, and refuse to suffer mediocrity!

  1. Slot jobs instruction or interpretation:- Each job comes with its inherent

demands. Unfortunately a lot of jobs or tasks are stiff with objective outcomes that require routine rigor and not creative thinking. First things first, prepare yourself vis-a-vis whether you’re working on a task that is an instruction or interpretation

  1. Lead by example, what you can’t lead you can’t manage and what you cannot

manage, you cannot control and finally what you cannot control you cannot grow. If

your team is sweating it out, lead from front and don’t leave them in the cold. Don’t

preach austerity, and fly business class when your team is flying cabin class.

2. Do you play any game which helps you in your work?

Cricket…and funnily every aspect of the game in connected with work! Team work that leverages individual strength, giving your best shot, fielding for your colleagues, and finally letting go of failures to rev up again because you got to continue being in the game if you want to win!

3. Turning point in your life related to career?

The chance dinner meeting with Ganesh, that convinced me that life is too amazing to be wasted on a day job!

4. Secret of your success?

Decisions, that makes your time fulfilling!

For example don’t play golf when you love playing cricket, don’t pretend reading Philip Kotler in the airport lounge if you love Calvin & Hobbes.

5. Your philosophy of work?

Love it or Leave it! If you’re not fully turned on, don’t commit yourself to doing that work. Because someone else depends on you and definitely there’s someone out there who can do far better, and still love it.

6. Any particular person you admire who has inspired you? How?

Undoubtedly. Ganesh! Founder, CEO – Xerago

Forced to work early, dropped out of college due to circumstances, short-changed by professionals, and let down by folks he trusted YET has great faith in humanity, continues to trust people unconditionally, and always rises not out of obligation or fear of consequence!!


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