Alignment With God

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Had God disrupted humanity’s wicked ways prior to 2012 A.D., humanity would be angry at God and feel threatened by God. Such a result would be resentment directed at the LORD Jesus Christ, for His unwanted meddling in humanity’s ways and civilization. People love to feel free, and God wants His creation, humanity, to enjoy free will and exploration of the social constructs that are defined by work, school, church and recreation.

During the Great Intervention, the LORD Jesus Christ will expect humanity to view His wisdom from the Christian Bible Code. The codes will present the perspective of God for those willing humans who accept His word, and be written for the benefit of the intended reader. The pious and meek are known as prophets, and their role is to do countless good deeds and disrupt the plans of the wicked.

Those who are evil and corrupt, throughout history, have made arrangements to setup a secret structure. The social engineered secret structure is financed by banks, owned by the Oligarchy, and discussed by the Bilderburg Meetings. They are generally atheist and selfish sinners who desire to rule the world, as a massive factory to line their pockets with wealth and imbue their families with power.

The Great Intervention will involve the People of the world reading and acting based on the wisdom encoded in the Bible Code. The messages in the Bible Code span events through all of time, but the majority of the prophecies are centered between the years 2012 and 2099, which give rich detail of those incidents which will occur between the early phase of the End of Days, guide humanity through the duration the End of Days, and assist humanity following the End of Days.

The way of God is to allow humanity to err and see the consequences of their actions. The goal of God is to edify the mind with wisdom, the soul with salvation and the body with blessings of good health. For God to meet His goal, humanity must have had three anti-christs: Napoleon Bonaparte was first, Adolf Hitler was second, and the third will emerge within a few months to a year or two from now.

Napoleon and Hitler did not do their evil because God was powerless, but because God knew humanity would not believe the intensity of evil of the third anti-christ. In psychology, the term “enabler” is a person who supports a person who is harmful to self, while a “co-dependent” relationship is one where a person needs the constant support of another person to get their needs met. With God, He does not want to be an “enabler” of humanity, creating a “co-dependency” relationship with humanity, triggering an age of beggars of mercy and divine protection to appear, and multiply on the streets.

God wants instead humanity to be lead by His prophets. God blesses His prophets with wisdom and the gift of understanding, through both the Bible Code and focused prayer. God has, is and will empower certain so-called “radicals” to be given supreme power in government, to perform the desires of God.

Thus, humanity needed Napoleon and Hitler to do evil, so humanity would be ready to accept the latent power of the human free will to do extreme wicked deeds, or intense good deeds. In a sense, the two now-deceased anti-christs’ moved humanity towards the End of Days, for better or worse. It had to happen at some point in modern history, to allow the diminution and suppression of selfishness and hereditary rule, or simply called the Oligarchy style of government.

God did not approve of Napoleon nor Hitler’s actions; but God refused to intervene, because by keeping His distance, God allowed humanity to see an escalation of evil, so humanity will first seek a fascist police state, with government monitoring, learn of its failure to protect the People and the repeated abuses of noncriminals by unjustified incarceration, torture and harmful medical care, in the name of national security.

God is about to intervene on a formidable scale, by using His words, as shown in the Bible Code. God will save the world, by causing injury to His prophets and other Christians, and giving legal cause of legal process to those injured to sue and claim their rightful seats in politics. God loves to be cunning and efficient, and God’s plan is to cause to rise up His prophets into posts of power, not through elections, but by lawful coercion of government through the high level courts. In this way, the peace is kept, and there will be no bloodshed, only injured prophets and lawsuits, to bring the injured political power and control of government, to allow God to work through the prophets to disrupt evil and bring a golden age of peace for all people on the entire planet.

To learn about the intervention, read the Bible Code.   Search online to find many products for this purpose, but be sure it searches the Hebrew, not translated English, of the Old Testament (Christian Bible).   Writing Bible Code software requires much time and persistance on the goal; I know, because I use the software from the Internet, from three companies, and I am coding my own, as well.

God loves you, and He wants you to read His Bible Code and Bible Scripture of the Christian Old Testament immediately. The End of Days is at hand, and soon it may be difficult to buy Bible Code software, due to riots, natural disasters and people protesting the bailouts of the banks; later, it may be difficult to get electricity, during the rolling blackouts of the hot summer of June, July, and August of 2012, the hottest summer in recorded history. So, get your Bible Code software from any source, and memorize what you can under your own name, where you search where both your first and last name meet in the Holy Bible Code. Without God, we are all just dumb sheep. With God’s Bible Code, we are fortresses of calm and compassion. Explore the Bible Code as you see fit, and know God wants you to talk about your research with others. All things created by the pure love of God are divine, the Christian Bible Code is divine intervention, imbued by the pure love of God bestowed as a myriad of blessings for all those to read the Bible Code, believe and act with its guidance and infinite wisdom and mammoth compassion.


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