Smoking Habit–Reasons For Not Quitting

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Smokers still dominate non smokers, especially those living in Indonesia whereas the government has the warning of the danger of smoking labelled on every package of cigarette. Regardless of the warning, smokers still enjoy smoking. When smoking, they feel as if the world belonged  to them only, and they tend to pay no heed to people around them who are disturbed by the smoke of the their cigarette.  

What has caused them to stick to their smoking habits? Do they think that smoking is a manly symbol? If it is, why are there women who also love and get hooked on smoking?  Probably cigarettes are made to give gradual bad effects on human health so that the bad effects are not felt right away as soon as they started smoking. If the bad effects of smoking were soon felt by smokers, the cigarette factories would probably close down as many smokers would end up in hospitals.

Smokers are actually tied by nicotine contained in cigarettes so that they will feel addicted to it and will never want to even cut down on it, let alone quit it. One of my friends who was a heavy smoker told me that he would be better off not having any money than not smoking.

It is true that smoking is one’s right but smokers should also understand that those who don’t smoke also have their right not to be disturbed by cigarette smoke. We can’t rely on smokers understanding non smokers by not smoking around them. The only way out is that the government should immediately establish places where smoking is strictly prohibited. This establishment must be followed by severe penalties for those who break it

In developed countries like the UK legislation has been implemented and adhered to by its citizens. Offices have been installed alarming system that will sound a loud if there is someone smoking. In the UK people who break the rules by smoking in a prohibited area are subject to a fine of  £ 1,000 .

Indonesia has also established a ban on smoking in hospitals with financial penalties, but penalties were not executed because there are still a lot of people who smoke in prohibited areas. At the offices with air conditioning system, most people understand that smoking is prohibited in air-conditioned place, but if there is one who starts smoking and it seems no one protests, the others will follow suit. The majority of citizens still seem to be in the habit of smoking here and it will take ages to make smokers health-conscious.

Let us realize that smoking will eventually make the smoker suffering from dangerous diseases such as lung cancer, heart attacks and high blood pressure that would bring t death which is certainly not desirable. Have mercy on your families who will become victims of your negligence.




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