Nutrition For Building Muscle

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If you want to increase muscle mass, is very important, the type of food you eat, the best diet for building muscle. It is almost as important as going to the gym regularly. They train hard to achieve results, at least if you do not get a good diet to build muscle. If you are thin and have difficulty gaining weight, it is important for you to keep track of the foods that you can think of your diet.

Here are my tips for the construction of six muscles:

First, you need to eat every 2.5 to 3 hours.

Eating out, as every 3 hours for the sake of trying to gain muscle mass and muscle mass, and those who just want to not only fatty foods muscle.Skipping win to lose a good impression, because when you start the fat body as a defense, feeding more often to mechanism.Having support because of the increased metabolism of fats to keep losing. For those of you who do not gain weight easily, it is important to have a meal every 3 hours or more, because otherwise the body is a constant source of energy, and begin to eat muscle tissue that occurs when this energy needs.And must not grow muscles.

Both your muscles need protein to grow.

Meat, eggs, cheese, Kinoa, beans, tuna, salmon, cod and peas are examples of proteins of high protein intake foods.Your favorite day is about 1.5 g per kg (3, 3 grams per kilogram.) Each meal should contain protein, 40-60 g, protein is an ingredient in more and more important for muscles and speed up the muscles you use a powdered protein supplement, not more than 40 percent of their daily protein. This is to ensure that you are getting enough minerals, vitamins and digestive enzymes in your diet.

Carbohydrates are one third of the muscle building diet.

Simple (sugar), complex (whole wheat bread, brown rice) and fiber (vegetables): Carbohydrates can be divided in three groups. You have to concentrate on complex carbohydrates and hard work when you build muscle, which are slow and sustained energy. Foods that contain complex carbohydrates. The high-wheat products, corn flour, bran, brown pasta and eating more carbohydrates should rice.You the morning and after training, a good meal after exercise is important for muscle growth and muscle regeneration. The amount of carbohydrates you should eat each day about 5.5 grams per kilogram of body weight (2.5 g per kg).

4th For the rest of the muscle, the vegetables are very important.

Each meal should be 1-2 cups of vegetables and get fruit.You antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables, and accelerate muscle recovery and heal the damaged muscle cells. A high concentration of acid in blood pressure, consisting of cereals and protein must be balanced with alkali-rich fruit and vegetables. For a large amount of acid in the blood, a decrease in muscle mass and bone density.

5 Fat is also important.

Depending on whether you want to lose fat or not, the fat should be 10-30% of their food. For those who can not gain weight, is 30 percent fat, the right amount for those wanting to lose some body fat, ten percent is very good and good for the remaining 20 percent. The intake of fat is necessary for the body is one of the many benefits of their contributions to the energy and the diffusion of oxygen in the blood. Here are some foods “good fats” (EFA), including: olive oil, nuts, seafood and pumpkin seeds.

6 Enter what you eat and when.

To the food they eat in order to maintain control, and if it is useful for muscle building efforts to keep a diary of what you eat and when. Information gathering to eat all the food and nutritional value, the amount of fat, carbohydrates and protein you. Even if this does not sound like much fun, it becomes a habit very quickly, and many can you benefits.You phone alerts you when it is time to eat when you eat is rather forget.


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