Security Companies to Hire For Your Convention in Las Vegas Review

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When you’re holding events in Las Vegas, you will need a good security firm. How do you know if they’re any good? Well, this is sound advice from someone who works with them and to help you make the best selections and to have your money’s worth its values. Securities companies are supposed to be good and consisted of good people like cops, military and clean background employees who pass and FBI finger print check, so you won’t have to deal with a lot of crooks. However, it’s not always is the case, and securities do steal just as much and so much more because they have access to all the important assets. You do need a good management team and people with great skills. It’s hard to work with people with no business management skills or communication skills. You have to remember that not all securities firm will offer you equal in service or even in price. There are major differences that you will need to find out. Here are some reviews of some of the companies that I’ve worked for.


SOA does conventions, private posts, county, and even some special events. They have a good reputation for management and integrity. They are an old company. They used to have many high profile accounts. The management staff there is responsible and thinks of your best interests. They’re professional indoor but I don’t know about the outdoor crew. They charge a decent price and they’re good in communication and services. You might be happy with them, although there guards are not the best, including professional appearance, or work ethics. They would get 4 stars out of 5. However, they might be available for your needs since they don’t do as much shows as other people.

Security Unlimited

They would be a great company to hire, great management team and nice guards. They might be available to take your calls since they’re not as busy as other companies.


DTA is an excellent company that is very well managed and sometimes over managed for your best interests. They’re responsible and professional and might provide excellent service. The guards there are upscale, intelligent and professional. They do offer the best service in town. They would get 5 out of 5 stars.


Protect security is also a great company to hire. They’re experienced and have a lot of professionals to help out your event. I would highly recommend this company.


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