Will The World End in 2012?

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The Mayan calendar ends this year and speculation has been made that the end of the calendar is indicative of the end of time.  While there have been many apocalyptic theories over time, with the most recent being the turn of the century, none has been more pervasive that the 2012 prophecy.  There was even a blockbuster movie about it.  

Natural disasters in recent years seem to support to the end of the world in 2012.  Earthquakes are happening around the world, taking thousands of lives at a time.  Hurricanes and tornados are leaving paths of destruction behind them.  Other signs that life on earth is changing include the rise in heinous crimes being committed against defenseless women and children.  

Whether or not you believe the calendars or the psychics, the death of Dick Clark is a sign that we will not see the beginning of 2013.  Even young children wonder how we would even know when a new year arrives without Dick Clark telling us “Happy New Year.”  Who would count down the seconds left in 2012?  Does anyone else even know how?  Is Ryan Seacrest qualified?

Of course no one expected Dick Clark to live forever, but is it purely coincidental that the passing of the man who has been welcoming in the new year as long as many of us can remember is in the same year that the world is predicted to end?  It just seems odd that he would have a massive stroke in 2004, only to return the following year, but succumb to a heart attack in 2012.  

Dick Clark was definitely a legend.  He had people of all races dancing together before they even went to the same schools.  While American Bandstand was before my time, I grew up listening to the American Top 40 and even kept track of the songs from week to week for a while.  Dick Clark was the voice of music for my generation and the one before mine.  There will never be another like him, even if we live to see 2013.  New Year’s Eve will never be the same without Dick Clark.  RIP Dick Clark


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