Increase Exposure By Commenting On Related Niche Blogs

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This article will try to focus on the importance of blog commenting for increasing online potential. Visitors visit almost all the search results’ first page web pages to search for the information they want. When they see you active in a particular niche, while giving useful and sensible comments, they might consider you as an expert.

For effective results in blog commenting strategy and to be successful in achieving the very purpose, you need to discover high traffic related blogs to comment on. Now whenever these blogs have a new post make sure that you comment on the post as soon as possible to get the first comment position. Only the first comment position gets highest exposure. No one have the time to read all the comments of a blog. I myself never read all the comments but, yes, I do read first three to four comments. Second thing is that your comment must be sensible and logical. It should prove that you have well read and understood the theme of the article. A mere “Good Post”, “Nice Post” or “Thank you very much for the post” kind of comments are not going to work. Such kind of junk comments doesn’t participate in building your reputation.

Blog commenting is an easy and simple to follow strategy that anyone can use to build its image in a particular region of blogosphere. However it do require things. You must be logical and critical, your English or the language you are going to comment in should be good and easy to understand and you must comment first on the post to get maximum exposure. This technique can help you drive traffic to your blog. If you make it your daily routine then you might be able to derive a decent amount of traffic.

If you comment on dofollow comments blogs then link juice is a bonus. Usually dofollow enabled comments blogs gets lots of comments so you may not get as much link juice. This is not an ideal technique for increasing backlinks. You should consider thinking about guest blogs if you want to have quality backlinks. Blog commenting can also help you build relationship with the bloggers. Everyone loves comments on his blog and if you make quality comments then it will definitely attract the them. As a result they might also comment on your blog as well. This will help you build a community. Visitors of the blog will also be attracted and you will be able to derive its loyal visitors to your site.

Getting noticed, respected and trusted can help you a lot in increasing your online business and increasing your subscribers. When you have more subscribers you will have more loyal visitors. More loyal visitors means more unique visits. More unique visits will help you stand better in search engine result pages. This will help you gain more visitors. One thing to notice is that blog commenting is a tiresome work. It takes time before it starts working and also you need to work a lot. A mere four to five comments a day are not going to work. You need to give your time and effort to it.


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