How to Convert a .DMG to a .ISO Using Disk Utility

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I recently wrote a requested article on converting a Mac disk image file (dmg) to a more Windows friendly iso file using Terminal. While there isn’t anything necessarily difficult about that way, there’s an even easier method for people who prefer a graphic interface.


Step 1. You can find Disk Utility in the Utilities folder inside Applications. Open it up. Drag your dmg file into the left hand pane as illustrated in the picture here.

Step 2. Right click on the file and select “Convert filename.dmg”. This will open up the “Save As” dialogue.

Step 3. Select where you want the ISO to be created and name it. Change the image format to “DVD/CD master.” Make sure the encryption is set to “none” and hit “Save.”


Step 4. The file DU will spit out is a .cdr. This is the same thing as an ISO, but has a different extension. Simple rename the extension to .iso and you’re ready to go. You now have a ISO file compatible with virtually any burning software.

Additional Tips

  • The terminal method may look a bit more complicated, but has some useful information for building applescripts.
  • Always check your new file before deleting the old one.

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