The Effects OF Marrijuana ON The Central Nervous System .

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Pot, weed, grass, ganja and skunk, are Some of the common words Used To describe the dried leaves Known As drug marijuana. Marijuana is a cannabis plant That Is “usually smoked or eaten to entice euphoria.”. Throughout The years, There has-been research on the negative and positive effects of marijuana on the human body and the brain. Frequently marijuana is beneficial to the Treatment of AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain. However, Researchers Such as Jacques-Joseph Moreau Have Been working to explain how marijuana affects HAS harmful on the functions of central nervous system and Hinders the memory and movement of the user’s brain. The focus of my paper web is how the chemicals in marijuana, specifically cannabinoids and THC effect on the year Have memory and emotions of a person’s central nervous system.
Marijuana impinges on the central nervous system by Attaching to brain’s neurons and interfering with normal communication Between the neurons. These nerves sponds by Altering Their Initial Behavior. For example, if a nerve is suppose to assist one in retrieving short-term memory, cannabinoids receptors make ’em do the opposite. So if one HAS to remember what He Did five minutes ago specificities, after smoking a high dose of marijuana, He Has trouble. Marijuana plant contains 400 chemicals and 60 of ’em are cannabinoids, psychoactive compounds Which are Produced That Are Inside The Body After cannabis is metabolized or is extorted from the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids is active ingredient of marijuana annually. The Most psychoactive cannabinoids chemical in marijuana That Has the biggest impact on the brain is tetrahydrocannibol, or THC. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana hand Because it affects the brain by binding to and activating Specific receptors, cannabinoid receptors Known As. “These receptors control memory, Thought, concentration, time and depth, and Coordinated Movement. Aussi THC affects the production, release or re-uptake (a Regulating mechanism) of: various neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are chemical messenger molecules carry signals That Between neurons. Some of These affects are personality Disturbances, depression and chronic anxiety. Who Psychiatrists treat schizophrenic patient advice em to not use this drug Because marijuana Cdn trigger severe mental Disturbances and causes a relapse.
When one’s memory is Affected by high dose of marijuana, short-term memory is the first To Be Triggered. Marijuana’s damage to short-term memory OCCURS Because THC alters the way in Which Information is Processed By the hippocampus, a brain area responsible for memory formation. “One area of ​​The Brain that contains a lot of THC receptors is the hippocampus, Processes Which memory”. Hippocampus is the hand of the Brain that is significant for memory, learning, and the integration of sensory experiences with emotions and motivation. It aussi Information Converts Into short-term memory. “Because it is a steroid, THC acts on the hippocampus and memory retrieval Inhibits.” aussi THC alters the way in sensory information Which is Interpreted. “When THC receptors in attachment to the hippocampus, it Weakness the short-term memory and damages the nerve cells by Creating structural exchange to the hippocampus area of ​​the brain. When a User has a high dose of marijuana, new information Does not register Into Their brain and this may Be lost from memory and They Are not Able to retrieve new information for more Than a FEW minutes. There aussi a Decrease in the activity of nerve cells.


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