Micke’s Own Words – GMAX Skateboarding Online Game Review

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gmax-skateboarding.jpgI remember when Skate or Die came out for the NES and I thought it was so cool.  GMAX Skateboarding’s halfpipe run is a little better than that.  The object is to try to have the highest score in a one minute session by doing skateboarding moves.  I’m assuming the credit goes to Grey Digital, as the name appears on all three halfpipe locations and one of the deck designs, but I can’t seem to find any information about them anywhere else.

The graphics are pretty good.  The writer gives you seven different skateboard deck designs to choose from and three different halfpipe locations, including a warehouse, beach and ice setting.

The sound is not too bad either.  Whilst rolling it gives you a good skate sound.  When you come back down on the halfpipe it also gives a sound of landing back on the vert, and it has a good bail out sound with muffled whimper included.

The controls aren’t too bad.  You hold DOWN while you’re going up or down the pipe, then as you come off of the vert, there are six different moves that you can execute in the air.  The LEFT, RIGHT and UP keys perform different tricks, along with Z, X and C.  To max out your score, you’ll want to try and combine tricks while in the air.  There is a Free Skate option to allow you to mess around before you enter competition mode.  It looks like competition mode only works against other online players, but I haven’t found a place that saves the scores.

All in all, it’s a pretty easy game to master.  Once you get used to the controls (which doesn’t take long) the game score can be maxed easily.  I was able to get over 9000 points just doing a few tricks and then just letting the skater roll back and forth while I came back over to this screen to write the rest of the review.

Game type: Shockwave

Genre: Sports

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