The Showdown Between The Most Recent Platforms of Android VS Symbian Belle

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The 2 leading platform manufacturers, Google and Nokia, unveiled their most up-to-date operating-system for smartphones i.e. the Android 4.0 version (Ice Cream Sandwich) and also Nokia Belle that’s formerly known as Symbian Belle. The Nokia Belle is considered to be created to match up the operation and reputation of Android. So now, let’s carry out the characteristics and general performance of Android and Symbian to figure out which operating system is more preferable for you to acquire.

The 1st round of this Android VS Symbian competition will be commenced by looking at the new advancements that have been added to these platforms. Belle is generally the upgrade edition of the Symbian 3 or also known as the Symbian Anna. This OS has been loaded with a lot of enhancements for instance the pull-down status or notification bar, deeper NFC integration, Six home-screens (previously Three home-screens) along with the free-form resizable home-screen widgets.

Very similar with the opponent, the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) also provides more outstanding improvements for instance rich notifications, personalized home screens, resizable widgets, and Android Beam for NFC-based sharing. And also, the Ice Cream Sandwich presents something more for people who wants the simple multitasking, deep communication as well as the effective new procedures for sharing and communicating too. In this stage, the winner of the confrontation will go absolutely to Android 4.0 version. It is mainly because the platform offers a lot more options in terms of user’s productiveness.

When it comes to most advanced uniqueness, the Ice Cream Sandwich comes equipped with the Face Unlock technology. The Face Unlock is definitely an excellent technology from the company as it will make every user’s mobile phone to be more personal and definitely much safer than before. This system is basically an intelligent facial recognition technology that allows consumers to unlock their mobile phones by using their face. The mobile phone must be already provided with the front camera. Then to carry out the unlocking operation, simply hold the phone right in front of user’s face. Alternatively, users can also use the pattern or a backup PIN. The Belle has not been added with some type of this technology, so it can be regarded that the ICS is more superior to the opponent.

Furthermore, the Android v.4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) comes with a bunch of other very useful capabilities for instance the Wi-Fi Direct along with the Bluetooth HDP, amazing web exploring, advanced email functionality, unified calendar, visual voicemail, rich and versatile camera functions, redesigned gallery app with photo editor, Live Effects for transforming video clip, control over network data along with the impressive voice input engine.

The Belle appears to offer only the fast internet connection along with the more pleasant colorful appearance. With this platform, you won’t have any other significant advancements relating to functionality since it has been regarded as being the insignificant updates of the previous Anna version. Hence, for the last verdict, the champ of the Android VS Symbian battle is the current Android 4.0 mainly because it contains a large number of functions, productivity tools and good overall operation.

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