Dry Eye Syndrome: Drinking Coffee One of The Tips For Preventing it

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Caffeine in coffee has benefits of overcoming drowsiness but also prevent eyes from drying out as tear production has fallen. If one is diligent to drink coffee, the tendency to suffer from dry eye syndrome is minimal.

Coffee contains caffeine that is beneficial to health. One of its health benefit is it reduces the risks of having dry eyes syndrome that causes discomfort in the eyes. Coffee is also high in antioxidants that are also good for other diseases.

Caffeine as  antidote to dry eye syndrome  was revealed in a research conducted in a University School of Medicine in Tokyo, involving more than 78 participants who were divided into two groups—coffee drinkers and non coffee drinkers.

The research result showed that complaint on dry eye was only felt by 13% of the coffee drinking participants, while 17% of non coffee drinking participants complained about dry eye syndrome.

Dry eye syndrome is disorders of the eyes that are characterized by abnormal tear production like too little tear or more tear but low in quality—too thick or slimy. The dry eye syndrome is also caused by the rate of evaporation in the eyeball that is too fast. This condition is not comparable to the quality and little amount of tear production, so that lubrication and moisture on the eye is not maintained.

In addition to dry eyes, other symptoms that were often complained were that as if there was sand stuck in the eyes as well as itching or burning sensation on the surface of the eye. Sometimes, the eyes were always watery and slightly slimy causing discomfort in the eyes.

“Further research should be conducted regarding benefit of caffeine in coffee. For the time being the use of caffeine is limited to those who are sensitive to effect of caffeine”, said Reiko Arita MD as quoted from Medindia on April 19th, 2012.

Since dry eye syndrome causes itching sensation  and feeling as if there were sands in the eye, avoid rubbing your eyes  as this will cause injury to your eyes. As quickly as possible consult  your ophthalmologist to prevent the eyes from getting worse.


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