You Can Stop Smoking Now-Here is How!

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Here are some useful tips to help YOU too!

Smokers who have  tried to quit  can tell you,this is not an easy task.But you CAN do it!Many of the products to help you stop smoking  still contain Nicotine in staggered smaller doses.This is to help wean you off,and kick the habit.After all,many smokers have spent years putting the harmful chemicals into their bodies, most do not want to replace them with other chemicals.Or even the same exact chemical-just lower doses!Many people choose a more natural approach,as they do not want the NicotineWith the abrupt halt of Nicotine come the withdrawal symptoms such as:  anxiety,agitation,fatigue,nausea,headaches,more increased stress levels,irritability,and intense cravings.When you stop smoking,this means you will have as many physical withdrawal symptoms as you will emotional symptoms.

***You must get into the right frame of mind,and decide that you are going to quit for yourself!Not for anyone else,but for YOU!The success rate falls when you are  trying to quit for someone else.Quit for yourself,for your over all health and well being.Once you have made up your mind that you CAN do this(and you CAN!)A trip to your local library,or Health Department for free pamphlets/or other various reading materials on Kicking The Habit will not only offer you the knowledge to empower yourself, the support that is critical,but boost your motivation too!

***Your next step is to set a date,a realistic one at that.Never say tomorrow,as many do and fail miserably.Allow yourself time,and set your goal.Perhaps in the next 4-6 weeks for example,and today is the day you start cutting back daily on how many cigarettes you smoke,Or maybe cold turkey next Friday-Remember you CAN do it!.Now you can choose the method-stopping immediately,or weaning yourself off.

***In either case,once you are NOT smoking in your home,it is time to clean,clean,clean!Get the smoke and Nicotine out of your home-Just as you are removing it from your body.Creating a smoke free atmosphere is key to your success!This means washing all bedding,curtains,and clothing too.Remove,wash and boxi up all ash trays,post No Smoking sign outside your home,and inform smokers who visit,smoking is only allowed outside.This also removes the habit of smoking!

***Get a new hobby,start visiting friends and family ,volunteer for local charities,work out ,set a routine(these are just examples)but the key is to staying active and involved,maybe even join a support group!

***There are many natural herbs widely available that you can use to assist in alleviating withdrawal symptoms.Here are a few of the most popular and widely used natural herbs:Valerian-Non addictive natural sedative taken before bed will ensure you get a good nights sleep.It is perfect for the active soon to be non smoker who has to be up early the next morning for work.Will not make you groggy!

***Lobelin is similar to Nicotine,but less potent,and is one of the most popular all natural herbs used as Nicotine Replacement.Instead of the numerous products which contain Nicotine.This one is an absolute must for relieving withdrawal symptoms!Kava Kava is used to help treat stress, panic, and anxiety.It is highly recommended by top Therapists,and Physicians worldwide!These three all natural herbs are wonderful,and can help anyone to succeed at quitting smoking once they have made up their mind to do so!Willpower is also a must!

***Meditation is also highly recommended.It promotes relaxation,strengthens and tones  heart and lungs, aids in cleansing the lungs and,takes your mind off of your withdrawal symptoms.Along with taking daily vitamins,getting plenty of rest,try the herbal products listed above to boost your heart and lungs,and ward off those terrible withdrawal symptoms.You must also drink plenty of water,add a sensible diet, exercise.Your next Doctor’s visit you will be amazed-and so will he!

***You are now on your way to becoming a much healthier happier you!Quitting smoking is hard,yes,but it is not impossible.Many quit each and every day,YOU CAN BE THE NEXT SUCCESS STORY!God Bless!


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