How to Get Hired at 50 Plus

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Finding a job when you are 50 plus is very much like finding a job when you are 30. There are, however, a few nuances you should consider.

j0409453_Thumb.jpgBe Comfortable in Your Own Skin

It’s normal to be nervous when you meet a prospective employer. It’s also critically important to project confidence. How do you do that when you’re shaking in your boots?

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare until your interview skills shine. Practice job interview questions. Role play. Videotape yourself.

2. Put on a great outfit; You know, the one that looks great on you and makes you feel like you can conquer the world.

3. Get a good precision haircut. If you color your hair, touch up the roots.

4. Remember that your best accessory is a smile.

5. Enjoy meeting and having a conversation with a new person.

j0409135_Thumb.jpgEmbrace Technology

You are the generation that witnessed the first walk on the moon, and you embraced the microwave. Heck, you practically invented technology, and you can certainly handle the iPod, text messaging, or online shopping!

j0422339_Thumb.jpgHone Your Skill Set

Last week I did some research and taught myself how to build an online calculator. Build a website. Take a course in advanced Excel. Put your resume on a PowerPoint. Know what it is that you do well, and continue to challenge yourself.

 j0284988_Thumb.jpgKnow Your Advantages

1. You can focus on your career, without being distracted by the mommy track.

2. You bring a wealth of experiences to the table. Think about how to best translate it into your new environment.

3. You’ve made mistakes and learned from them. You understand your priorities, and you’ve made peace with who you are.

4. You are living, breathing market research! Numerous product launches are targeted to your demographic.

j0438813_Thumb.jpgKnow How You Fit In

At work, you are an employee and a colleague. Your job is to make you manager look great and to be a resource to your colleagues. Let the hiring manager know these are your goals.


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