self confidence is key to success so be confident.

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Self confidence means to have trust in oneself in one’s abilities and in one’s powers. Self Confidence is a kind of attitude which allows you to have a positive image of yourselves in your mind. It is characterized by personal attributes and out-looks. It is a key to success and almost all our abilities and personality is ruined if we do not have self confidence and it is the real thing that can help us in touching the sky and fetching the stars and the moon to earth. If you want to be successful in all regards of your life then you must develop self confidence and it is also a by product of self esteem and self esteem means what is your image in your eyes. What you think about yourselves.

Self confidence is not inherited it can be learned and it is developed in one’s personality as a feed back and impressions that society and the people around you give to you about your actions and your character. If you get negative impressions and feedback the u can be loser in regard of self confidence but if you are appreciated then you can have it in you. It is said that confidence is always there in you it is nowhere out side and you have to find it and develop it and show it to others. You can develop self confidence in your personality by acting on the following tips.

  • Try to find the inner abilities which are inherited in your personality at first.
  • Then try to be what you are in real as for example there may be a poet or a painter or an artist is in you so try to awake it and be what you are.
  • Try to write down your positive achievements that you have made in your life and try to ignore the negative ones.
  • Try to remember the words and good things that others have said about you and try to ask others about you.
  • Think what can you do and what can be achieved by your capabilities and then try to make plans for future.
  • Be instant at your decisions .Take a decision and instantly try to act upon it. Do not think too much over it. As too much thinking can make a mess to superb ideas too.

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