Types of Open Source Software’s For Creating Your Business Website

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In today’s competitive world open source website development is giving a great performance, and open source development program is becoming more and more popular because of its advantages. Since the demand for outsourcing is increasing, there is more scope to mobile application development and iPhone application development.

The five types of necessary open source software to create your own CMS web sites are:

Web Server

The first necessary software you will need is the web server software. All web pages developed need to be loaded onto a web server to be visible on the internet. One of the popular web servers is XAMPP. It is created and maintained by Apache and Friends, and consists of the Apache Web Server, MySQL, PHP and Perl.


The advanced technology in today’s world allows people to create websites with little programming knowledge. Initially, website creation was a very complicated job for the people, as they have to learn different languages and codes in order to create a particular website. But this problem has totally vanished today due to the availability of content management systems (CMS). With the help of the CMS, one can effortlessly create, publish and even archive a website in a safe and easy way.

There are many CMS available; few to list are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal being most popular. WordPress open source development is capable of managing complex websites in a much easier way. Joomla open source development comprises of many enhanced services and a large number of components that can simply increase the value of your website and provide great traffic to your site. Drupal open source development also contains many user-friendly search options for customers.


Everyone will be interested in adding some exciting graphics to your web page. And GIMP is a powerful graphics program, which can be used. Through this you can design buttons, logos and banners for your web site. Graphics are often used to give your site some individuality.


Through animation, many websites attract large number of visitors. Open source package called blender can be used for animation purposes. It is quite difficult to use initially, but once you have got experience in this Blender open source, you will be able to create the most amazing animations for your web site.


Open source is a free available platform, which when developed by an experienced reaches heights of success. You can choose a Drupal open source development  for starting your business website.


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