Tips To Select Comfortable High Heels

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High heels are undoubtedly sexy and add the missing link when try to get that “to die for” look. Whether you are wearing them with your casual dress, long gown while going for a night party, or simply during your work day, heels have become an essential part of women’s life. However, the unfortunate truth is that these fabulous heels also leave behind not so sexy corns, bunions and calluses if worn too much. Due to this women always look for ways in order to avoid wearing heels when not necessary. Women often wear them when going to office, after work, for grocery shopping, on lunch break and more. Sneakers and other comfortable shoes are the substitutes of high heels that women often love to consider.  This concept works but it is not very convenient and fashionable most of the time. You might be having so many dress that you can’t wear with sneakers so you need to have high heels in your closet.

Women go for many alternatives so that she can wear high heels comfortably for longer hours without getting tired.  One of the first alternatives adopted by most of them is by injecting her feet with silicone injections and other such substances. Although it will help you to stand easily on your heels for the whole day but it can cause infections, problems with walking, nerve injury. So never think to use these injections as they are not designed to handle and endure body weight pressure. You can easily get comfortable with your heels by practicing to walk in them.  Get for yourself a perfect pair of heels or you can start with wedges or shoes with thick heels. Actually it is an art to walk with high heels and you can learn it inch by inch gradually. Heels with straps are the best footwear as they have capability to balance your weight very easily. Stand in front of full length mirror which will help your feet to adapt the position of the heels.

Try to distribute your body weight on the balls of your feet and through the heels as well. Start by taking small and slow steps. If you have chosen high heels to start practicing with then keep your knees straight and try not to bend them. First try to place every foot down heels only then shift your body weight ahead. Don’t even dare to move your next foot until your body weight feels secure as in this case you have chances to lose your balance. Change your directions by moving back and forth. Walk on different surfaces to make yourself an expert. Also try your kitchen heels they will help you in learning to keep balance. Always walk in such a way that your toes should always point straight ahead. Take short, eve, and smooth steps and avoid walking on grass, ice, sand, mud or on grated surfaces as you have chances to slip.

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