The Top Sites to Watch Movies and TV Online For Free

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For many people TV and Movie entertainment is a way to unwind from a busy day or a way to escape from teh realitites of the world, even if for just a half an hour.  With the tough economy, however, the rising cost of movie theater tickets and skyrocketing cable TV prices have lead customers to search out different ways to get their interactive media fixes.  Many people have turned, or will turn to, the Internet.  Read on to learn some of the top sites to check out when you want to watch movies or TV online for free.

For Movies:

  1.  The premier movie watching site on the internet.  The site incorporates the newest release movies, sometimes even before they are out in theaters.  Additionally, great unknown films can be found by searching through the extensive movie offerings.
  2. The Ovguide:  The online video guide comes in a close second but that is only because it is more of a movie search engine and not really a movie viewing or movie hosting website.  Through the OV guide you can find most movies.

For TV:

  1. Hulu:  For most TV viewers the quality and availabilty of content on Hulu can not be matched.  The site does have commercials but is great to catch up on your favorite TV shows.  Hulu also has some movies available though the slection is very narrow and most films are not of great content.
  2. For TV you can also watch most TV eposides on the website of the channel that puts the programming on the air.  While all episodes may not be available, most of the most recent TV episodes are available and they are usually in very high quality.
  3. Fancast:  Fancast is similar to Hulu but seems more corporate controlled in some ways.  There is also a more member based portion of the site which allows more exclusive access to TV content.

Enjoy watching videos on the internet for free.


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