Book Review: Wrestling With The Green Dragon

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Book Review: Wrestling with the Green Dragon By Jesse C Moore The expert author Jesse C Moore I first encountered the Green Dragon on the blog Publius Redux, where he introduced him. “Now here’s a new analysis of underwater urgency and irrationality characteristic climate doomsayers prophesy” That explains the haunting familiarity of preaching and proselytizing, we learned from the fearmongers of climate change. “Interestingly, I found an article on the resistance of Green Dragon Dr. James Wanliss, Associate Professor of Physics at Presbyterian College. Finding no religious or scientific arguments that could address the issues in this article, I wrote a play about what the future may hold for Dr. Wanliss, Publius and followers.Sometime later I got my game criticized by doctors and Wanliss subsequently asked to write a proper review, if the doctor Wanliss would send me a copy, which he did. Dr. Wanliss said he wrote the book, in particular, because he was bullied environment. This, of course, very bad, but no response in kind, as a rule, not the right answer, and often hurts more revenge, not intended for the victims. If you identify yourself with the environment, major religions, and I think that we should to be good stewards of the earth, you may feel intimidated by reading a book. The book said not to “provide scientific or economic responses”, as is done in “a few excellent resources that appear in the notes.” However, these resources are finite, and the notes do not accurately reflect the views of scientists, economists, ecologists, or – but carefully picked from the extreme positions, as well as his examples. Dr. Wanliss examples of vegetarians, the members of PETA, eco terrorists, environmental extremists, and those who think men are “useless breathing” – and tries to argue that they are representatives of the Christian movement of the medium. This is not the case. Environmentalists want you can make a responsible choice, but it does not mean that they want to “control how you live, eat, move, and even the light you use to read.” Environmentalists may have in order to achieve the balance of nature and sustainable development, but Dr. Wanliss says sustainability places “of human life, right in the crosshairs of violent people.” And those cruel people on the move of the Christian leadership? The book was published in the Cornwall Alliance, which chose the green dragon as a symbol of their opposition to the growth of environmentalism in the Christian church. Cornwall Alliance describes itself as a mass movement of Christians. He did not disclose their sources of funding, but many paths to him came from corporations and the interests of fossil fuel and its message is certainly favorable for them. Dr. Wanliss says he has not received an advance from the Alliance and the only profit royalties for the book. The Union has released a series of videos based on impedance Green Dragon, attacked his authority of the church. There is little truth in a lot of propaganda videos. They seem designed more to protect the profits of fossil fuel than the company in order to protect the Earth, or people who depend on the earth for survival. This became apparent in early 1980 that carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels is causing environmental changes that affect mankind, especially in poor and indigenous people who do not have the resources to adapt to climate change. Many churches have adopted statements encouraging environmental protection is based on good governance, some specifically mention the threat of greenhouse gases. For example, name the authors of the Presbyterian University, where he teaches Dr. Wanliss said in 1989 and reaffirmed in 2008, his “serious concern that global warming, atmospheric (greenhouse effect) is one of the most serious global environmental problems to the health, safety and stability in the human life and natural ecosystems. ” Green Dragon on the dust cover of the book is very ugly dragon, but the doctor Wanliss, may have underestimated the fact that in his heart. Although some mythical dragons were depicted as evil, Draco in Dragonheart and Sapphira in Aragon gave them to the ancient wisdom of humanity and help them in times of crisis. And it was a flying dragon in the forum, which helped drive the Na’vi of greedy corporations, the destruction of their planet and their home for the ore. Perhaps the Green Dragon is now vilified Cornwall Alliance, so we will not listen to his message. Although Dr. Wanliss physicist, very little climate physics in the book. He seems to have come many of his views on climate science, and not from peer-reviewed scientific literature, and films made by Al Gore and Martin Durkin, none of whom are scientists. Dr. Wanliss points out errors in An Inconvenient Truth, and rejects it completely. However, Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize for his environmental work, and his film won an Oscar. The film also had its day in court in the Dimmock from the Secretary of State for Education, the suit, which seeks to prevent the use of educational Inconvenient Truth in England. The Court held that, although the film had a few mistakes, it was essentially based on scientific research and fact and may be shown. 2010 Stanford University survey of 1,372 climate scientists have discovered that 97-98% of the climate researchers most actively publishing in the science of climate agree that global warming is happening and human activities are a major factor. There is a predominance of the scientific evidence of global warming Dr. Wanliss covers film MartinDurkin, The Great Global Warming Swindle, but it is based on bad science and fraud. How do I know? Mr. Durkin is an impression that he was a geophysicist, but his degree in medieval history and financial journalism. The film distorts the work of some scientists who appear in it. For example, Dr. Friis-Christensen, said: “The part of the schedule was made up of fabricated data that were presented as genuine.” He must know exactly how his research, which has been distorted to support claims that recent climate change was the result of solar activity. In addition, Dr. Carl Wunsch points out that the film uses its data, but it distorts it. IHE ocean would release more CO2, than they are absorbed, so maybe what he calls a scam. The film also distorts the temperature record NASA, something that can be easily verified. Comparison chart screenshot from NASA movie shows that Durkin redrew the graph to support his claim that most global warming occurred before now in 1940. 2010 StanfordUniversity climate survey in 1372, scientists discovered that 97-98% of the climate researchers most actively publishing in the science of climate agree that global warming is happening and human activities are a major factor. Studies show that global warming is the cause of many unwanted changes on the Earth, rather than natural factors, substantially responsible. Dr. Wanliss, does not seem to know about the principles of ecology and the relationships between species, and he says: “There has been, in recent decades, space shift towards a social climate that begins in favor of the environment – polar bears, trees, and bugs – over a man “. Well, where would we be without bears, trees, environment, and umm … mistakes? He believes that “the destruction of one species can benefit very many others,” and that person has the right to hunt sperm whales to extinction, if we need oil. However, it does not seem to realize that many depend on the nutrients that the whales are distributed throughout the ocean. Passenger pigeons, once an important food source, were killed. And the whooping cranes and the buffalo had almost disappeared forever, but were saved from extinction by chance and tremendous effort on the part of environmentalists. Did we miss them? The book describes the Canary used to check the safety of coal mines, using it to indicate that some bird lover might object to putting the security of birds is higher than the miners. Environmentalists are now telling us that many species begin to disappear from the face of the earth, and many others are threatened by global warming. Do we want our grandchildren to go to the coal mine, where the Canary Islands are dying? Economics: Cap and Trade is a free market solutions to reduce carbon emissions. It can not be better, but it will help and it seems to be how people heading. Dr. Wanliss opposed because he thinks it will create a world government, but because of its high cost. We’re all the same atmosphere, and it is essential that all industrialized and developing countries to cooperate, but this is not the same as creating a world government. Dr. Wanliss argues that the cost of cap and trade rules will be the annual value “of $ 120,000 for the average family of four.” This value is unreasonably high – and it also does not include the cost of not acting. The Congressional Budget Office finds that the costs of trade restrictions and the program in 2020 will average about $ 175 a year per family. This allows us to estimate the cost of inaction on global warming. Stern Report, using the results from formal economic models, assesses the overall costs and risks of climate change is equivalent to a loss of less than 5% of global GDP annually. Without attention, the cost could rise to 20% of GDP and more than 2050 – and increases the risk of environmental catastrophe. The use of 5% of U.S. GDP in 2010 will the ecological value of $ 727 billion. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions would also reduce the particle, which leads the American Lung Association as a major cause of heart attacks and 38,000 premature deaths per year and 1.5 million cases of acute bronchitis and asthma, aggravated – which they estimate is the economic value of $ 281 billion. The two folded around $ 1010000000000 annually, and this is only for theUnited States. And what a price was to be put on a premature death? Vision of Dr. Wanliss “relationship between man and other species and the Earth’s resources is based on the doctrine of Dominionism. He bases this opinion on his interpretation of Genesis 1:28” And God blessed them and God said unto them, Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth. “From there, he uses a series of carefully selected Scripture to argue, as the” people “content and management of the Earth can release him from bondage.” It is his opinion, this would lead to the Second Coming which will render its efforts to protect and sustain the world is useless. But, in the land does not grow a full? There are now seven billion people on the planet and in our current birth rate, population will double again in this century. And we have not established dominion over the Earth? Now we have a fish and game laws, fishing, as well as international treaties to protect other species, such as our needs have grown so far do not threaten their existence? The reservation in the arguments of Dr. Wanliss is that the Second Coming will not occur until a person has created a Christian power. There are many religions on Earth, and even among Christians, there are many different interpretations of Scripture. The fact that he considers necessary is unlikely to happen in the next 50 years, and even if it is, there is no guarantee that Dominionism is the true religion. Those who argue for Christian leaders believe that the government means “benevolent rule.” It seems reasonable that God would make the heavens and the earth and all species, they are happy to announce, and then give a person the right to destroy them, if he wants to? And some Men have a right to demand the power, if by doing so they harm the lives and resources of other people? Dr. Wanliss makes a special point that power is not domination, however, people who want to dominate and exploit the environment for profit, no doubt, will find his arguments useful. The book argues that the environmental movement “terribly harmful to the environment and people, especially the poor,” and at one point says that environmentalists are responsible for millions of deaths. This is the most cynical and wrong to say that environmentalists somehow responsible for the deaths and injuries in the poorest countries in the world. Global warming is changing the environment and increase the likelihood of severe weather events, particularly drought. Drought last year in the Horn of Africa led to widespread hunger and loss of life among the poor. OfKashmir People are concerned that the glaciers that feed them in summer flows are removed – makes less water. Sherpa Tibet are concerned that their villages could be flooded lakes, which now make up each summer by the melting of glaciers, constrained by an unstable dam of ice. Inuit inGreenlandcannot use their traditional hunting grounds on the ice is too thin for my dogs slipped through. Those who theArcticare to move their coastal villages to save them from the waves washed away under the influence of the high seas, which was ice all year round. Their interior villages are under threat because of the permafrost on which they are based are now becoming a swamp in the summer. They are forced to change lifestyle, which kept them for centuries. While some may adapt their lifestyles and culture will be destroyed, and many are likely to end up among the poor and the unemployed. The doctor says that God commanded us Wanliss replenish the earth, and that we should let God decide how many children we have. But do men and women have free will and the right to decide such things? Rnd, what happens when the earth is full? World population surpassed only 7 billion people, and our current birth rate will reach 14 billion sometime in the second half of the 21st century. The earth is finite, and experience shows that the capacity of the Earth is somewhere between 10 and 12 billion dollars. When the population exceeds the carrying capacity of the environment, usually die from a massive population. For us, it could mean the death of millions from starvation and wars over resources. Dr. Wanless believes that the person has a remarkable ability to reason, and indeed it is. God gave us science, so that we can understand the nature of observation and reason. Scientific studies show that carbon dioxide is a pollutant that harm the earth and will do so more in the future. EPA has determined that CO2, the threats that may be subject to the Clean Air Act and the Supreme Court upheld that decision. Dr. Wanliss against actions to correct the problem and believes that when the earth is full of power is achieved and the Christian, God, that our problems will disappear. What if he is wrong? We will have a very full and very hot, inhospitable earth through our own ignorance and not through the will of God. Green Dragon, but the mythical creature created by Dr. Wanliss, would be a good symbol of prudence. Dr. Wanliss advises us to resist the Green Dragon on his religious beliefs and personal philosophy. His book will undoubtedly contribute to some interesting discussions about the meaning of the words in Hebrew, the interpretation of Scripture, the sense of free will and responsibility of Christians in relation to humanity, other species and the Earth itself. These discussions should take place among scientists, theologians and philosophers who have the knowledge to protect their ideas. However, it seems wrong to use the power and respect that people have to criticize the ministers and the Scriptures of Christians who believe in good governance. Cornwall Alliance does just that, and the resistance Green Dragon coincide with the profit motive. The only time Jesus showed anger in the Bible, when he drove the money changers from the Temple. How could Jesus feel about the use of books in Cornwall Alliance Dr. Wanliss “to bring its corporate interests in the place of worship? Perhaps Dr. Wanliss should reconsider whether he wants for his book, which will be used this way.


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