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Sad and disappointed of course also for us all, because the struggle of students majoring in automotive vocational Solo got the obstacles that they failed to design a car in 2 of 11 test items, namely gas emissions and car light intensity,
Ministry of Transportation in accordance with our statement, which was reported in Indonesia in Voa ESEMKA car failed emissions test, the Mayor of Solo Encourage students keep car production assemblies (two thirds). Emission levels of CO gas Carbon monooksida ESEMKA car is still far above the normal limits set by the government. While the car light intensity it is still far below the standard or normal limits.

We think the government support that prepares Solo supervision team of experts in the field relating to emissions, exhaust gas, to accompany the students to produce cars ESEMKA very precise. By bringing the team to be very helpful once the car got a revamping with new innovations that are given to vocational students. Innovation should be enhanced while continuing to create creativity. If you need a team of expert supervision in the repair of the light intensity of imported cars as well. Expert assistance from a party is required by them.

For a while the car ESEMKA have not obtained permission from the government for mass production, but did not rule with a more mature business improvement and technology more careful one day license will be realized. Mobnas fighters we just failed in only 2 of 11 test items, it means the car is about to graduate its entirety, this should be motivation again, lest the failure to close achievement that has been achieved.

Hope large children’s work for the people of this nation, if it is successfully undergoing re-testing, of course, the government will fully support the re-production of the national car industry, because if the production is realized mobnas Indonesia will be able to reduce the unemployment rate of educated, otherwise it will positively impact the industry for the progress nation. Should we leave the first issue of the triumph of politics behind it all, because it is not good related in the making of a masterpiece like this. Previously described in the support (not half-half) the national car industry

If the quality is muktahir now lives next step for the success of mobnas compete with foreign products.


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