Only Way to Succeed is Never Quit

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Only way to succeed is never quit Steven Logreira Expert author Steven Logreira If you leave you will never find the success you want So many people go for their dreams, because it becomes too hard, or because someone tells them that “it will never work” or because it does not happen fast enough. It’s always hard in the beginning. It may even be difficult at the time, and it will get harder. It may take several months or even years. Not a great achievement in life comes easy. It takes hard work, perseverance, and above all the will to endure all the ups and downs that every challenge brings. Be it in the long run. Are there any success at last, my way? There is no time limit for success. Success happens when you are ready to accept it. When you work for yourself. When you are ready to face his demons of the past and heal them. When you are ready to do what few of them are willing to do. It is a process, and how you in this process it can get a little bumpy. Heck some of us, he may feel that we are in hell. There are always these days? I know so far. What is to consider that this process, and gradually it is getting better and better as your thinking is getting better. One of my mentors always reminds me that my success is directly proportional to my mind. If my thinking is one of success, I will achieve it. If I “Stinkin ‘thinkin’ I very much doubt that all good things come my way! What is success anyway? Success is not just financial. Success is when everything in your life in harmony. In every area of ​​your life work. This does not mean that life is perfect. It simply means that you are in the world with eight areas of your life that will help you stay balanced. I would like to refer to the “wheel of life” in the picture above. In my opinion, to be successful when you: career, money, health, friends and family, romance, Personal Growth / Spiritual, Entertainment, and the physical environment are in balance. Many of the successes as well as strictly a financial success. Now, in the words of Zig Ziglar, “Money is not important in life, but it’s close enough to the oxygen on the” must have it “scale.” But that’s not all! If the rest of your wheels out of balance, I can guarantee you that no amount of money will buy you peace or happiness. This is not something that the seminar promised Have you ever been at the seminar, got all pumped up, he returned home, and two weeks later you return to the same old rut? I know that for sure! Chances are that you have returned home with a “plan” that will make you millions! Did you know that your business is, as you know, will never be the same! The question is, did you implement it? Did you make it part of your daily business? Do you organize? or did you do it for a few weeks, have not seen the results and go! In the past, I was totally guilty of this. I had a new plan, I started working on it, and then stopped doing it and moved on to the next “Big Idea”. That was until I realized that to do this just does not work, the situation began to change in my business. You see, there is an incubation period. There is a period of trial and error adjustment of the plan. This period is usually about 90 days. Yes, it takes about 3 months to get it right. At present, the warning as soon as it starts, you do not stop doing it. You will never kill the golden goose. Instead, you are ordering, so it runs on autopilot. Then and only then, you develop a new plan and do the same. So the formula: Come up with the idea Make a plan of how you are going to implement the idea Work Plan Testing and repair Systematize I understand that it is simple, but it works! Never give up The biggest mistake most people will not smoke. Everyone wants instant gratification. “Get Rich” quick and easy! There is no such thing. You still Gotha “to give him time and attention, your idea deserves, especially if you’re in network marketing. You may not like what I’m going to say, but I want to say that anyway! This is not a company, or whatever you want to blame, it’s you. Note that there are many people all well and other people in the ranks. This is hardly the message and messenger. If you keep getting turned down every time you sponsor a new member of the team, it just means that you must go to work for themselves. Perhaps this is a skill that you need to learn. Or maybe there are limiting beliefs that are in the way. I promise you that once you get past those things that are holding you back, your business will explode! Most people never give him a chance. They come too early, and then blame the business, they are on the line, their bottom line, the economy, his brother-in-law, etc. It’s not any of them. It’s you! Thus, the point of posting that no matter what you decide to start a journey, never give up! I leave you with one of my favorite poems: Dream Big – Author Unknown If all of the time to decide, In order to make a difference To start something worth doing This is now. Not for any grand cause, necessarily, But for the fact that tugs at your heart What is your desire What is your dream. You owe it to yourself To the days of your account. Good luck. Dig a little deeper. Stretch. Dream Big. Be aware, however, These are things that are worth doing Rarely is so easy. There will be times when you want Turn around Pack it and call it quits. At the time, say That you push yourself And you’re not afraid to learn, to try. Persistence. Because the idea Determination and the right tools You can do a lot. Let your instincts, your intellect And let your heart guide you. Trust. Believe in the incredible power The human mind Of doing something that makes a difference. Hard work Of laughing and hoping Of lasting friends Of all the things that will cross your path. Next year Start of something new Brings hope something great. All things are possible. There is only one you And you will pass this way but once. Do it right.


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