Nurse Education, Practice And Maintaining The Quality of The Project – Interprofessional Collaborative Practice

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Nurse education, practice and maintaining the quality of the project – Interprofessional collaborative practice Michael Saunders Expert Author Michael Saunders Health Resources and Services Administration, also known as heat-resistant alloys, is a federal agency within the Department of the Government of the United States Health and Human Services, is usually responsible for improving access to health services for people who are uninsured, isolated or vulnerable health. HRSA grants and programs all designed to promote awareness of its primary mission of the agency, which is “improving health and achieving equity in health through access to quality services, health professionals and innovative programs.” In addition, Health Resources and Services Administration recently announced the creation of nurse education, practice, quality and retention (NEPQR) Program – Interprofessional collaborative practice. The main purpose of the program is to obtain a statement from the association who wish to join the three-year cooperation agreement to offer innovative Interprofessional collaborative practice (IPCP). Interprofessional Collaboration practices consist of installing a variety of high-functioning professionals with a collective identity, which co-operate and communicate effectively in order to expand access to health care and achieve high quality patient population in the center of the results. IPCP is usually located at facilities where health workers from different professions to join the patients, their families, caregivers and communities to deliver a complete high quality medical care in different settings. In fact, the program aims to support the development of collaborative practice environments that provide patients and the public at the center of the quality of care that is safe, effective, efficient and equitable. In addition, the program also tries to increase the number of qualified nurses in interprofessional collaborative practice. Also as part of the creation and expansion of the practice environment, which consists of nurses and other disciplines that engage in joint innovation practice. To support initiatives of this program, high-temperature alloys is established to manage funds in the amount of $ 10,000,000. Agencies and organizations that will be considered eligible to apply under this program are as follows: a) in health care, such as the Indian Health Service health center, Native Hawaiian health centers, hospitals, federal qualified health centers, rural clinics, nursing homes and institutions at home, hospice programs, health state hospitals, state or local public Health and skilled-care and ambulatory surgical center b) the accredited schools of nursing c) a partnership between the school and medical facility. Department of Health and Human Services, the mother of the agency fund additional nursing education Internship Program is a premier agency of the country to protect the health of all Americans and providing essential services for all people.


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