How to Raise Money For School Trips

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How to raise money for school trips

By Carolyn Clayton
Expert Author Carolyn Clayton

If you are looking for some ideas to raise some money for school trips, you’re reading the right article. I have a lot of money making ideas that will help you in your quest, whether the school plans to raise funds or separate the fight against organized school trip cost.

Garage sale

Garage sales and more popular in the U.S. compared with Britain, but they are a great way to clear out, as well as raising funds. You can go through your old clothes, and if you have not worn them for at least a year, then you are unlikely to wear again later. Be ruthless and well cleaned. To advertise your sale you can place a few leaflets through the doors of neighbors, or are sick, some posters around your neighborhood. You should also take advantage of social networks like Facebook, to promote their sale. You can also offer tea / coffee and pastries for those who show up. If you do not like garage sales, that the use of eBay, to get rid of unwanted clothing or objects.


Offering ourselves with our neighbors to help with the maintenance of their gardens may be a good little money counter. Many older people are struggling to keep their gardens and tidy lawns of their short and it would be desirable to some aides.

Talent show – Fashion

With the success of the hit TV shows such as talent was in the UK and factor X, you can arrange a school talent show. It may just be a little fun and not taken too seriously. You can even get some teachers dress up as a judge, if dressed as the famous Mr. Cowell, do not forget to wear pants so high! You could charge a small entrance fee and tea / coffee and cakes on sale of soft drinks.

Mini Olympics

Schools can hold a mini-Olympics, and we invite parents to watch. Children can be put into teams and compete against each other. Again beverages may be sold and a small entrance fee will help to raise funds.

Get Crafty

Have a go at it to things that can be sold. You can make unique greeting cards to sell or come to the salt dough. Salt dough is very easy and cheap, so that you can use it like clay. You can find websites that will give you a prescription. If you have a dough that you make it up to you. You can do a few shots of frames, or wall board. It is very easy to do once cooked in the microwave or the oven can be painted. Paper flowers have an idea that is cheap to make. Using YouTube and the Internet to find the video to make a unique selling goods.


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