Voting for dummies.

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South africa has been labeled the number one holiday attraction for witnessing death, decay, destruction and denile.  A place where your life is worth the contents of your pockets, your skin colour is someone else’s bullseye and you cherish your hopes, dreams, friends and family, because where you left them yesterday, might not be where you discover them tomorrow.

Change…  That’s the word the entire world likes to hear.  That’s the word on the lips of every single South African.  We enter the phase of our lives that could determine the outcome for the next couple of years.  Just like every decision does.  I quit smoking about a month back, because people will tell you smoking kills.  

i dont want to die…  

Fuck!  Who the hell does?  But then again, i wonder if dieing from emphasema isnt better than having Jacob Zuma as your president.

Not only is the guy’s face an abstinence advert on its own, he has legal charges against him that would make the likes of Hitler, Stalin, probably even Satan envy him.    

This guy must be intelligent…  

I mean, I know a few people with a formal grade 6 education, just like him, that can bob for apples.  Only difference is, they have opposable thumbs and dont search eachother for ticks.  

The question is though, who do we vote for… Voting for the ANC would be like lighting up a cigarette again, taking a few drags of the sweet grey stuff and shoving the red hot glare so high up my ass, i’d look like a lantern.  so… That’s out….

The DA would be the equivalent of staying off the stogie.  Healthy, no emphasema, but Zuma is still president.  Start smoking again, shove red glare up ass.

Wont help voting COPE, their leaders name is Terror Lekota.  That’s fucking scary, who wants a president with that name.

So this leaves the 3000 other parties in the national election (Off the topic, why do they call them parties?  There’s nothing fun about politics, infact its rather unparty like).

So, the only solution is cloning yourself.  create an army the size of the Northern Cape, take over South Africa, start smoking again, shove red glare up ass…  Why?

Because you are in Africa! 


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